Win thousands of cash prizes with Carabao!

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  1. fem says:

    where can you get these i have tried all the major supermarkets

    • Di says:

      They don’t sell them in major supermarkets! Try smaller convenience stores. I noticed that my local Wickes was stocking them on the tills this week!

  2. Darrell Johnson says:

    I won £5 two weeks ago and they’ve still not paid me! Emailed first time and given a promotion email address and now sent two Emails and they’ve not even replied.

    • Di says:

      Most other winners have been paid in a couple of days Darrell. Maybe you put in the wrong bank details? I would guess they have a lot of emails to respond to and will get to you eventually!

  3. Sandeep Grover says:

    Got the £10k thanks

  4. Rachel says:

    Wow! My first instant win ever – £5 but it’s a start 🙂

  5. sue leake says:

    first time entering and my code is invalid…. can barely read it… but am sur I have it right

    • Di says:

      Is it definitely for the new promotion Sue? I know a few people have accidentally picked up last year’s promotional cans!

  6. julian webb says:

    Ive seen people selling cases of the cans on Facebook marketplace with the ringpulls bent up, obvously the codes have been used 🙁

  7. Katherine Grant says:

    Has someone won the £50.000 i seen someone has won £10.000

    • Di says:

      I know two £10,000 winners from my Facebook group, and a little bird tells me the £50,000 has been won already – although I’ve not had it confirmed!

  8. George Williams says:

    Can’t find these cans anywhere … Lucozade and Larazade seem to be dominating the shelves in East Cheshire 🙁

  9. Kathryn Hipkin says:

    Apparently there are now loads of tv adverts for this. I did fairly well at the beginning when I was able to find the cans but in my last dozen I think I have won 2 x £5 so I’m out unless I find them reduced to 10p or something. I can hope!

  10. Sue Cole says:

    I have some but it won’t accept the code ! And now the sitter seems to have crashed.

  11. Darren Rogers says:

    Just checked my Sainsburys (Wallington) – nothing so far! 🙁

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