How to win at Twitter parties

Twitter parties are fast-moving and fun events where users tweet about a certain topic, sharing tips or answering questions. In some cases, prizes can be won. Parties usually last an hour, and each one is assigned a hashtag. Brands hope that the buzz around their sponsored Twitter party will cause their hashtag to join the ‘Trending’ list and be noticed by more people!

Twitter parties have a main host who keeps the party going by asking questions – often they will be accompanied by other social media influencers who will tweet questions and tips. Every tweet at the party must use the same hashtag!

When prizes are given away, it can be at random or judged on the quality of your tweet. Sometimes the prizes are awarded during the party, but usually they will be chosen after it’s finished and the winners will be tweeted or sent a Direct Message.

Below is a Google calendar with upcoming UK Twitter parties. If you hear of any coming up, tweet me @superluckydi and I’ll add them!

Be prepared

What’s the Twitter party about? Have a think in advance which topics might be raised, and plan some tips and hacks – you could even have a look for appropriate photos. If you’re super organised, you could type up some tips – you don’t want to waste time editing down tweets that are too long during the party. Don’t forget to set a phone notification to remind you when the party starts!

Follow ALL the hosts

It’s easy to forget to do this, but for prize parties it’s usually required that you are a follower.

Open 2 browser tabs

If you’re on a computer, have one window open with the host’s profile (leave it on the Tweets setting, rather than Tweets & Replies) then a second window for the hashtag. Search for the hashtag, then when you get results, tap Latest (website) to make sure you’re seeing the most recent tweets. This is important as sometimes questions will be asked in order and you might not be answering the latest one! You’ll need to keep refreshing your browser windows to see the latest tweets – use F5 or Cmd/Ctrl-R.

On a mobile? Start with the host’s profile and respond to their tweets, then tap the hashtag and view All tweets to see the latest party tweets. Keep returning to the host’s profile to check you’ve responded to their tweets, as it’s easy for their important questions to get lost amongst all the other hashtagged tweets! Or if you’re too busy to devote all your time to the party, why not choose to Get Notifications of the host’s tweets for the duration of the party?

Use Tweetdeck

Rather than use two browser windows, it’s much easier to use the Tweetdeck website or download the app at Tweetdeck uses streaming columns to keep track of Twitter activity, so is great for compers. Click the + sign to add two new columns to your Tweetdeck, a User column (input the host name) and a Search column (input the hashtag). You’ll be able to respond to the host’s tweets as soon as they pop up, but also keep an eye on the chat and respond to tweets you like – all from within Tweetdeck.

Reply to other tweets

As well as responding to the main host’s tweets and questions, look out for tweets that interest you on the hashtag feed and reply to those. In your reply, ensure you include the host name AND the party hashtag too. Just like at a regular party, you wouldn’t hang out with the host all night, it’s nice to chat with other guests too!

Be original

This is my top tip for any competition – but try to make your entry stand out. You need to tweet something that the host thinks is worthy of a retweet – make it unusual, funny or cute! By checking the hashtag, you can see what everyone else is tweeting and try to make your tweets different.

Attach photos to your tweets

Photos or videos immediately make your tweets stand out, especially if they’re relevant to the party theme. Use an iPhone? Add those photos to your favourites so you can find them quickly!

Send as many tweets as possible

If the winner is chosen at random, having more tweets with the hashtag means more entries in the draw. Copy the party hashtag and paste it onto the end of every tweet rather than typing – you might include a typo!

Check your bio

A lot of Twitter parties are aimed at parents, so make sure your cover photo or biography says you’re a parent if you’re attending a @Tots100 or @Britmums party! Bloggers tend to do better at Twitter parties than compers – if you blog, mention it!

Hopefully these tips will help you get to grips with Twitter parties! Have you ever won a prize at a Twitter party? Let me know in the comments! 


6 Responses

  1. Gaby Kroh says:

    Love it! You are a genius Di! I recently won £25 Amazon gift card in one. It was randomly chosen. But I wrote so much, I think I got more than one chance to win it. I found it by accident, using tweet deck. The most difficult thing is to find them. Is there a key word to do so?

    • Di says:

      I occasionally do a Google or Twitter search on ‘Twitter party win’ to find them, but I’m usually lucky in that they get tweeted into my feed or people tag me to let me know when they are!

  2. Mel Daniels says:

    Great post – I won a Pip Ahoy DVD at a Twitter party and a Miffy baby vest and some Tiny Pop merchandise at another one 🙂

  3. Heather May Cain says:

    I won a Disney cup in a Disney Junior twitter party a couple of months back

  4. Heather Haigh says:

    This is a really informative and helpful post, thank you. Just been having a little play on tweetdeck – think I’ve got the hang of that ready 🙂

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