Win two tickets to SuperLucky LIVE!

Yes, it’s the competition you’ve all been waiting for – you could be the lucky winner of a pair of tickets to my sold out SuperLucky LIVE comping day in Brighton, on Saturday 26 October 2019!

SuperLucky LIVE is going to be a great day out for compers – with entertainment, comping tips, and special guests including Jordon Cox (MSE), Steve Middleton (Compers News), Jeremy Stern (PromoVeritas) and successful comper (and busy prize unboxer!) Emma Gough.

There will be loads of prize-winning opportunities thanks to sponsors which include Quidco, Latest Deals, Compers News, Shopmium and Latest Free Stuff, plus an epic prize raffle raising funds for the amazing Chestnut Tree House Children’s Hospice.

If you’d like to join 160 other keen compers at this exciting event, here’s your chance to win a pair of tickets (worth £120). The ticket includes hot drinks, a buffet lunch and a goody bag as well as entry to all the day’s quizzes and competitions. 

How to enter

For your chance to win, simply leave a comment on this blog post telling me why you love comping – please keep your comment to 50 words or less.

The most original and inspiring answer – as decided by myself and an independent judge – will win the tickets! Closing date is 20th June 2019. 

If the winner has already bought a ticket to SuperLucky LIVE!,  I will refund them £60, and also refund the cost of one of their nominated friend’s tickets too!

Please note that I may contact entrants to ask permission to use their comments to promote our wonderful hobby – this may be on SuperLucky, my social media channels or in my next book.

Thank you and good luck! 

Terms & Conditions: 

  1. There is one prize of a pair of tickets to SuperLucky LIVE.
  2. Open to UK residents aged 18 and over.
  3. One entry per person
  4. Closing date for entries is 10.00pm GMT on 20.6.19
  5. Entrants must leave a comment on this blog post answering the question ‘Why do you love comping?’ in 50 words or less
  6. The most original and inspiring entry will be chosen by Di Coke and one other independent judge.
  7. The winner will be informed by email within 7 days of the closing date and will need to respond within 28 days or a new winner will be chosen.
  8. The winner’s name and entry will be published on the SuperLucky blog and social media accounts.
  9. Two tickets will be sent by email to the winner.
  10. The promoter is SuperLucky, Brighton.
  11. By participating in this competition, entrants confirm they have read, understood and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions




80 Responses

  1. Rosie Postle says:

    No spare cash for the luxuries in life,
    all I get is trouble and strife.
    I care for my family and their special needs,
    Comping is my energy source, and daily feed.
    Keeps my mind focused, and alert.
    Making friends on the way, is a cert.
    Brighton my way. X

  2. Gill chilton says:

    I love how comping is open to all. You can start today and win tomorrow! Turning free time into prizes and money can’t buy experiences… what’s not to like? Even when you lose (often!) there is fun with new comping friends and the thrill of the (next qualifier) chase.

  3. Sue Ocock says:

    Comping has given me new experiences, new things, new friends and much fun.
    It is never boring and at difficult times has provided a comforting distraction.
    Nothing beats the excitement of a winning message or delivery, no matter how small the reward and that dream prize could be next….

  4. Jenny Kallin says:

    It sounds strange but I love the anticipation. For example, if I enter a competition to win a trip to Paris, I actually feel happy imagining myself there whether I win or not! And if I actually win then even better!!!!!

  5. Cath Lord says:

    This wonderful hobby has taken me to places I would never otherwise have been from cruising the Caribbean to the west to sights and sounds of Hong Kong in the east plus making many new friends who share this passion too

  6. Lian Hunt says:

    A comper I am
    A community we are
    A winner I’ll be
    And praise from afar

    We stick together
    Through a peak and a trough
    The prizes we win
    Are our amazing payoff

  7. Laura says:

    I love the variety and excitement of comping, as well as the community surrounding it.

  8. Tony Smith says:

    From teens with my dimples
    to old age and pimples,
    I’ve entered competitions galore.
    Now Brighton Super Lucky
    has made me feel plucky
    to find fun, frolics and more.

  9. Lesley Andrews says:

    Previous life – Comper was me
    Postie delivers an LWE
    20 years later – back in the game
    Sense of anticipation the same
    Now ‘Insta’ and Twitter bring the surprises
    “Congratulations you’ve won” – parcels and prizes
    Tech-savvy hobby – we’re no fuddy duddies
    What fun! And a network of new comping buddies ❤️

  10. Jose Allison says:

    I have been comping a long time, it’s an AMAZING hobby.
    I have won experiences that money SIMPLY can’t buy, and pleasures for others.
    I will never forget the look on my late dad’s face when I won him organic fruit and vegetables for a year ……JUST PRICELESS………

  11. emma pearce says:

    I am not sporty or crafty and I am tone deaf so all the other hobbies seemed unappealing.
    I joined the ones who didn’t fit else where, who had determination, hidden skills and motivation. Not only to win but to build a welcoming community who I now call my friends.

  12. Danniella Somerville says:

    The suspense and excitement of entering competitions has really driven me to keep comping as a hobby.
    I have followed Super Lucky Me throughout my comping journey and the opportunity to come along would be absolutely amazing!
    To win this of all competitions would be next to none!

  13. Helena says:

    I’m proud to be a comper, it really has changed my life.
    My top prize, I won my wedding. So when I became a wife!
    From holidays galore to the carpet that covers the floor.
    The tension. Who will win these tickets? You can cut it with a knife.

  14. Heather Ellis says:

    Imagine the thrill as my 8 year old self found the needle in a haystack at the village fete, to win a basket of fruit! That’s the thrill I still get, sourcing, sharing, entering and occasionally winning those fantastic money can’t buy prizes … or the basket of fruit.

  15. Alexandra Sharples says:

    It’s fun,slightly addictive and a healthier pastime than others. Its aldi amazing to surprise family and friends with little gifts here and there. My daughters face lights up when she sees the postman.

  16. Donna Christman says:

    I’m bouncy, breezy, bonny and bright,
    eternal comper from morning ’til night.
    I dream at work, food shopping too,
    of all the incredible trips I’ll do.
    And this weekend, another show!
    (Another win for kids in tow)
    Next month: a hotel for two,
    Our fantastic win – all thanks to you!

  17. Christine says:

    Dolphins swimming beside our boat, walking the red carpet in Cannes. VIP guest at the World Cup? Go on then! Aceing Wimbledon, or the thrill of a kids new bike, thats why l love comping. ‘Just Plane Lucky’ no its Di’s fab tips!

  18. Sarah Prescott says:

    Dressed up silly to win a prize,
    Instant wins I love a surprise,

    Collecting tokens for a big draw,
    Or meeting fellow compers is brilliant for sure
    Knowing we’ve got this fabulous group,
    Exiting times ahead for members woop,woop

  19. Jennifer Davies says:

    I started comping 8 years ago when I first was diagnosed with several illnesses it became like a new friendship in my life and was always there when I couldn’t sleep at night because of chronic pain and sometimes completely distracted me from feeling distressed and depressed
    Wins for me always seem to land when I’m having a tough week and gives me the spur on to keep entering….I’ve managed to convert so many friends into comping too
    If you know anyone with chronic illnesses or depression or even the elderly definitely recommend them to start this fun hobby.
    Everyone needs and deserves a pick me up from time to time….and I think it teaches us all a valuable lesson not to give up.
    I would really love to visit and meet Di as I’m a huge fan as I’m sure most are on here

  20. Vicky M says:

    Comping makes dreams come true!
    I’ve always been lucky and whisking my friends and family off to amazing experiences thanks to winning money can’t buy prizes is such a brilliant feeling. My life improved the day I started comping. I’ve never looked back!

  21. Richard Beesley says:

    Comping for me is not only about the wins, for where the competitions end…is where true friendship begins.

  22. Polly Powers says:

    As a singleton with two kids my hobby is my time out which enables myself and my children to experience some amazing things that money can’t buy! Like my trip to Rana, and my sons FA Cup Mascot experience a few years ago, that is why love comping!!!

  23. Hayley Pemberton says:

    I love comping because it enables me and my family to experience things i wouldnt normally be able to and give my friends and family wonderful presents

  24. Clare Moloney says:

    Dressed as a clown
    let Cushelle block my loo
    been zoo keeper for a day
    even climbed the 02
    no stone unturned in hunt for qualie
    buying pepperoni sticks
    and expensive bolly
    meeting WIN -derful friends my Ulit-MATE win
    so Di-amite Di, PLEASE LET ME IN !

  25. Jamie Edwards says:

    After having children my previous hobbies became difficult to continue with most of the time and I felt like I lost a bit of myself, when I found comping and a community of compers to go with it I felt like I got something back. I have a hobby that I can do around work and my family and it has given all of us experiences and things we never would have had as a bonus!

  26. tina saunders says:

    I’ve Comped since 1981 – fantastic hobby! It’s supplemented my income & I’ve won trips to Malta, Switzerland, Scotland, Majorca & Los Angeles twice. I also won trips to Argentina & South Africa for my brother’s family! I’ve met celebrities, flown in an airship, & treated friends to weekends away.

  27. Laura Bryant says:

    1. It’s a FREE hobby
    2. Anyone can do it!
    3. You can comp – anytime
    4. Choice of entry methods
    5. Compers are friendly
    6. Enjoy sharing winning tips
    7. You can involve the family
    8. Gifting wins is rewarding
    9. It’s good fun
    10. Nothing beats winning!

  28. Margaret Saunders says:

    Comping for me is fun and creative time with my little boy with the hope of winning something magical!

  29. Hannah Igoe says:

    Creative, fun
    Outrageously thrilling
    Money can’t buy experiences
    Pick me – I love winning
    Incredible things, I would never otherwise do
    New books and gadgets, for me and you
    Good fun all around, no day the same, a real life funny imaginative game!

  30. Amanda w says:

    I stumbled upon lucky learners one day and thought to myself ill never win anything but why not give it a go! That was 2 years ago now and I haven’t looked back! I love that I can get the whole family involved too!! Best hobby ever!!

  31. Juliet McArdle says:

    Honolulu, Perth, Bangkok, Charleston, Wellington, Dubai, Montreal, Sydney, Chicago, Jamaica, Phuket – just a few of the amazing places I have been to thanks to this incredible hobby. Before I was a Comper I’d never left Europe and my passion for Comping has given me a lust for travelling.

  32. ELISHA says:

    Coming from a cynic world & being told competitions & winners were not real as a kid… Now an adult & a lone parent, comping has saved my bacon with gifts and shopping, stumbling across you & your winnings inspired me.. 6 years in I am happy to part of this community.

  33. Sophie hyatt says:

    I never used to enter competitions as I thought I would never win, since being off on maternity it gave me a push to start entering them everyday and I bloody love it! The thought of winning something for my little one to put away for his birthday etc and the odd few wins for myself is great! And now I am totally addicted haha! I’ve even got all my friends into it!

  34. Elaine Saberi says:

    I used to be a very successful comper (I won cars, holidays etc.) but I gave up because of work commitments, now that I have retired I enter competitions everyday, but I just can’t win, I would love the chance to get some advice and help from modern day competition experts.

  35. Amelia McCreith says:

    Comping has not only provided me with money can’t buy prizes and experiences but has welcomed me into an amazing community of people who share the same passion and are prepared to share advice.

    A truly special hobby that brings people together and provides happiness in more ways than one!

  36. Claire says:

    They open my eyes to a lot of products and places I wouldnt have known about or tried otherwise!

  37. Nichola Jones says:

    A fabulous hobby that keeps me busy and winning gets me in a tizzy. Treats I couldn’t afford to try or amazing experiences money can’t buy. This comping world I love to be in even in dry spells when I can’t seem to win.

  38. iirene blair says:

    I love comping because at my age of 79 it keeps my brain active and gives me a real buzz when i receive an email or a letter informing me i have won.

  39. Jane Berrow says:

    What can I enter for today? That question gets me out of bed and eagerly looking forward to some comping. I love it.

  40. Andrea Clarkson says:

    Comping brings that extra sprinkle of sparkle to our lives. We work hard to pay for day to day life, the time spent comping is time spent dreaming, in anticipation of once in a lifetime opportunities, it lifts the heart and motivates the mind. Most importantly it has given us experiences that we would never have dreamed of, let alone to have as memories to last a lifetime.

  41. juliette morrison says:

    Comping is fun and therapeutic, good for the soul and great when you win prizes.
    Brings friendships and fun, experiences that you dream of and opens the horizons to possibilities that you could only wish for.

  42. Bec James says:

    I love comping for the fun
    For unforgettable prizes to be won
    From my giant inflatable pretzel to my Maldives holiday
    Comping is great in every way
    From trips with Rylan and jet2
    Meeting so many compers just like me and you!
    To theatre trips with my mum and Nan
    With unforgettable holidays with my man
    Is a hobby I love and adore
    A great and fulfilling hobby which gives more and more!

  43. Ursula McDermott says:

    Friends you make, prizes you win, unforgettable experiences money can’t buy. What’s not to love.

  44. Bethany (Gee) Teasdale says:

    Let’s just face it,

    Usually people say… your so lucky!!

    Choice is my reply!! You could be to!!

    Kind and caring compers always there to help you through,

    Yes that’s really true, thank you each and everyone of you.

    Miracles really do happen,

    Entering competitions, that’s why I love you.

  45. Creative juices flowing,
    Overcoming the Odds.
    Money-can’t-buy prizes…
    Pinging into my inbox!
    Inspiring others…
    No other hobby compares.
    Giving loved ones memories to share!

    (I’ve written an acrostic poem spelling out COMPING above – just in case the formatting disappears when I press the button to submit comment).

  46. christine shelley says:

    For me it is the opportunity to share magical experiences with family that could never afford it ( swimming with the dolphins in Dubai ) , emotional ones you never forget ( Premier of War Horse with injured veterans ( £500 cheque for Homeless Hostel who requested we buy vests and pants !

  47. Karen Dixon says:

    I love comping as I enter competitions that I would normally read / watch / do and it opens to mind to other things. I love that feeling a receiving a surprise win through the post and getting that fantastic winning message.

  48. Charlotte Cauldwell says:

    I love competitions, low entry ones are my cup of tea, the feeling of only 3 entry’s excites me.
    Good morning Britain cash competitions and other well known ones I’ll leave that to the masses, whilst I look for Merlin passes.
    Comps are the best, find them before the rest

  49. Kirsty Connor says:

    I love comping, it’s true
    There’s no other hobby, I want to do
    I will even do it sitting on the loo!
    It’s such a thrill to win a prize
    Big or small, no matter the size
    Who doesn’t love a freebie; they’re telling lies!

  50. Corinne Marsh says:

    Wishes can turn to facts, Dreams can turn to reality, and my Bank Balance can stay in the healthy zone!

  51. Danielle Jupp says:

    I love comping because its a buzz. The thought of winning a prize that you would never be able to afford. I also love entering competions for gifts that i know friends and family will love so i can make there day and see the smile on their face.

  52. Merle Graves says:

    Comping ‘BRIGHTONS’ my every day,
    Following Di’s SUPERLUCKY way.
    This LUCKY LEARNER has lots of fun!!
    Even though she’s NEVER won…

  53. Natalie says:

    Having suffered anxiety, for me comping is a hobby I absolutely love as it enables me to focus my mind and attention on something else. It’s a fabulous way to lose your mind into something fun, whilst also winning a prize or two along the way!

  54. Oli Marshall says:

    Comping is the only thing on this planet that makes me feel alive (it truly does!). I can’t wait to wake up in the morning and enjoy my first coffee whilst scrolling through the sea of never – ending thrilling competitions. No matter how difficult my day may be, I always feel that it’s OK because, I know, at the end of each day, my comfy PJs and my laptop, my loyal friends, are waiting with a promise that something exciting is waiting for me.

  55. Jim Radford says:

    I love comping…it’s legitimises my madness to dress up as a banana and hang in a graveyard for a Halloween photo….

  56. stella noble says:

    I love comping because it gives me such a thrill, the best competitions are the ones you forgotten you had entered and you win!

  57. Kirsty says:

    Stumbled across di’s YouTube vids one day
    Now I love nothing more than a giveaway
    Bought the book, read the blog, joined the Facebook group
    The whole community’s a supportive troop
    With the help of others I knew where to begin
    Superlucky live is a prize I’d love to win!

  58. Cassie says:

    Although I’m relatively new to comping and so far just have a paddling pool to my comping wins. Comping to me is a little like Christmas when I was a kid, the surprise of having a parcel and not knowing what’s inside!

  59. Denise says:

    Michelin meals, luxury stays
    Mindblowing nights and bucket list stays
    Australia, Asia and America too –
    5 star wins I have won – these are only a few.
    Cars, cash and gadgets and please don’t scream
    Yep won them all and it isn’t a dream
    Met celebrities, premiers, my hobbies so cool
    Gonna keep entering and make my workmates DROOL

  60. Melissa hall says:

    No more mindless surfing the web,
    FarmVille and candy crush no more,
    I caught the comping bug and crave the postie at the door!
    The comping community are friendly and generous through and through,
    Comping is not just for me , all are welcome, yes and you!

  61. Sandra Bevins says:

    Comping a simple word that can open the World to amazing opportunities. Travel, luxury, experiences you would never believe. That’s what makes me a Comper. Good Luck everyone

  62. Aimee leedham says:

    I LOVE because it is a way to unwind at the end of a long day. It is something to look forward to always. I get in my fluffy Pjs, get in bed and tune off from the world. It is my happy place! ❤✉ fingers well and truly crossed! P.s – Thanks di your article started it all off for me and your book is pride of place on my shelf.

  63. Emily says:

    I LOVE comping
    That’s a lie
    I HATE comping
    You’ll never hear me say that
    I enjoy that winning feeling so much

    But how boring is that?
    There’s so many chores to do
    People say
    Comping? A waste of time!
    What did you do today?

    (Read from bottom to top)

  64. michelle caspenenti says:

    One, two, three, four,
    The same four walls, I’m sure there’s more,
    Loneliness, stress and pain within,
    Until my comping does begin.
    Comping takes my mind away,
    From daily life and the same old day,
    Meeting friends and having fun,
    Lights up my life like the morning sun.
    Super lucky me!

  65. Adele says:

    Comping has become the addiction dream
    A prize arrives and hear me scream
    My work colleagues participate as a team
    I take prizes in and their smiles beem
    The Comping group are a force to be had
    Show and tell, questions and queries
    But one thing for sure your never alone
    thank goodness for super lucky me
    For keeping us in the loop wouldnt you agree.

  66. Gordon says:

    I love comping. This is my 19th year of this great hobby. When you receive a prize you get a buzz . Like Christmas every month off the year. Cheers see you in Brighton X

    • Jean Cass says:

      I love comping and would love to meet fellow comping. I’m looking to organise a comping day in the near future and would love to experience the Super Lucky day to see how it’s done ! Hoping I will be Super Lucky!

  67. Claire Plumb says:

    I love comping because it gives us as a family a little bit extra things we wouldn’t of been able to afford. The whole family have been getting involved even my Mum and husband. Love it. Thank you for all the helpful tips and advice.

  68. Kelly turner-chapman says:

    I love it because it gives me something to look forward to. I love the buzz it gives to you, the excitement you get from winning the prizes and also joy from helping others out if you don’t want the prize but it can put a smile on someone else’s face

  69. Laura antill says:

    I love comping here
    I love comping there
    I love comping for prizes small
    I love comping for prizes tall
    I love comping for me
    I love comping for my mini me
    I love comping mostly for gin
    I love comping lose or win!

  70. Hannah eaton says:

    I love comping as it gives me opportunities that I could never afford or imagine doing! It’s taken me on and adventure and would love to meet like minded people as all my friends think I’m crazy would love to make friends who enjoy comping too

  71. Jo says:

    Comping makes me exercise! Due to all the drinks and sweets I never normally buy, it gives me a reason to get up jig and move from side to side. Even if the win isn’t the reason for my jump, I need to move or I’ll turn into a lump!

  72. Courtney Randall says:

    I love comping as it gives me the joy of being able to win stuff I usually wouldn’t be able to. Every new win gives me a real buzz and wants me to keep on going. If I was to win tickets it would be a great time to come an meet many new compers as I haven’t been doing this long and a new place to visit in the UK 😀

  73. Alison Thackray says:

    Why do I love comping? The answer’s quite baffling to some.
    But if you never enter, you won’t have ever won!
    So for all those thinking ‘shall I try it’, I’ll give you a little clue
    The excitement’s quite exhilarating & I hope you find out too.

  74. I love the thrill of the chase, keeping my brain active and having fabulous fun. I have found firm friends and achieved so many money cannot buy experiences for myself and family the joy on my niece and her son’s face when he walked out at the FACup final with Raheem Sterling was priceless.

  75. ALFREDA EMERY says:

    Comping holds all the aces I dream of white goods cash and faraway places

  76. Linda spevick says:

    To do what I’ve never done,enjoying compings rollercoaster of fun…..Any prize large or small is better than no prize at all,winnng is such a thrill,a great tonic,a pick me up pill!

  77. Sarah Ware says:

    Comping has been a real life saver for me so please save a spot for me at super lucky live

  78. Elloise says:

    As i get to experience things I never usually could afford!

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