Win up to £10,000 in the Post Office Savings Prize Draw

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  1. Stella Holvey says:

    Good afternoon Di , can I thank you for posting the above comp I have won £200 one4all vouchers I am so thrilled.

  2. Paul says:

    Hello Di

    I recently opened a new Post office Instant saver account by downloading the forms, printing them out, filling them in with my personal details and posting them off to the PO Savings address in Armagh with a personal cheque/deposit for £1100.00.

    I have since opted in online for the prize draw as suggested but have no idea as to whether I’m actually in it or not? I was not asked for any card or account details just my name and address? How will they know I have a new account or not? Today I received my PO instant saver card and am awaiting my 4 digit pin number to be able to use it.

    Please will you advise how I can confirm I’m now in the running for the draws and insure they are aware of my new account with £1100 deposit? I tried emailing them but was rejected ??? This is the address;

    • Di says:

      Paul, you should have received an email to say you’ve opted in – your name and address will be cross referenced with your account details.
      The email address to contact is – they’re helpful and sent me quick responses so do drop them a line if you’re concerned.

  3. Jayne Thunder says:

    Hi Di
    When you won 3 times last year with the PO saving comp did you invest in three different accounts or was it just the one. Trying to work out the odds of winning.
    Thanks Jayne

  4. Nadia says:

    Hiya! The terms and conditions link on the popprizedraw site links to a CRM log in. Any idea how to find the actual terms and conditions? Many thanks!

  5. Nicola says:

    Any idea who the cheque should be made out to when opening an account? Should it be Post Office Money Savings or the name of the new savings account holder (feels really strange writing out a cheque after all this time of using online banking…struggled to find a chequebook LOL)?

  6. Annalisa Dunham says:

    Hi. Thanks for this competition information. Just for added details – you cannot open an account over the phone anymore (apparently not for the last year) so has to be in branch or via the form. Also, you cannot open up the account with £1000 if you are using cash/ paying with a debit card. You can if you use cheque. This is to do with money laundering. So if you are transferring from a bank card or using cash, you will only be able to open the account with £200, and then will need to add the extra £800 once your account has been opened. Or use cheque! Hope this helps.

  7. Emma says:

    Hi, the popprizedraw link doesn’t work. Thanks

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