Win up to £5,000 in the One Stop Christmas game!

Eddy the elf and his friends are hiding in One Stop stores again this Christmas! Find them using the Eddy’s Christmas Heroes app before 29 December 2020, and you could win £5,000 cash, £1,000 cash or thousands of chocolate treats.

A promotion where you have to go in store during a lockdown isn’t the best idea – but having said that, entry numbers will be low as a result. So if you do live near a One Stop, it’s worth popping in for your essentials. My local One Stop is a Post Office too, so I’m in there regularly!

The prizes

Cash prizes

  • 8 x £1,000 (one prize given away in a prize draw every week until 30 December – except for the week of 16 – 22 December when there will be 5 extra £1,000 prizes!)
  • 1 x £5,000 main prize (given away in a grand prize draw from all entries)

Instant win prizes

  • 2,000 x Maltesers Reindeer
  • 500 x 240g box of Celebrations

How to play the One Stop Christmas game

  • Download Eddy’s Christmas Heroes for your Apple or Android device
  • Register your name and email address on the app, and complete the verification process via email
  • Create a strong password to log in (if it’s not strong enough, it will be rejected!)
  • Allow the app access to your location
  • Go to your nearest One Stop store (check the store finder here) and look for the markers in store. See example of the small shelf signs below – there should also be a large display in store!
  • When you find a marker, open the app and tap ‘In Store’. Scan the elf silhouette then move your phone around, and wait for a virtual elf to appear on the screen.
  • Tap the elf! If it’s a hero elf, you will win an instant prize of either a Malteser Reindeer or box of Celebrations – tap Got It and a barcode will display on screen for you to claim your prize
  • If you find the weekly elf you’ll get an entry into the £1,000 prize draw
  • Check the Rewards/Prizes tab to see your prizes – barcodes will be accessible until 30 December 2020
  • Play as often as you like, keeping social distancing in mind – but do expect the store staff to laugh at you as you wander around the store waving your phone!

To redeem an instant win prize, the checkout staff should scan the Reindeer or Celebrations, and then scan the barcode from your screen (if this doesn’t work, they can type it in as if it was a product code). It’s fine to win and claim both instant chocolate prizes on the same day.

The weekly draws end on a Tuesday, with the final closing date 29 December 2020, and cash prize draw winners will be contacted by email.

The app does have a ‘Play at home’ option to unlock content when you scan product barcodes, but for week 1 nothing special happens when you scan the Walkers barcode, so perhaps we need to wait for that to be activated!

For full terms and conditions, go to

4 Responses

  1. Kate says:

    Thanks for the tip. That might explain it as my phone is very old and no storage space to run software update! Any mobile phone comps out there?!! 🙂

  2. Kate says:

    This App has crashed within about 15 seconds every time I open it. Not sure how to prevent it…

    • Di says:

      There’s a lot of people having trouble with the app, which doesn’t seem to work on older phones. Keep checking the app store as there may be an update you can download which fixes the problem!

  3. Claire says:

    This app isn’t compatible with my phone Xperia E5 (F3311) it’s not a really old phone either, it’s on Android 6.0 and such a shame as we have a one stop 5 mins down our road.

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