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LittleBird is a brilliant website full of fun ideas and great savings for kids, teens and families! Discover days out, family breaks, places to eat, theatre and lots more, plus tons of ideas for the summer holidays including a saving of up to 40% at The View From The Shard plus savings at Museum of London’s Gladiator Games, Zippos Circus, Hansel & Gretel, The British Wildlife Centre and lots more!

You can easily search by location, budget or your child’s age – with the summer holidays being expensive, LittleBird is a great way to find affordable fun!

LittleBird - tons of ideas for family days out

Ryland, Rob and I were invited to visit The View From The Shard, one of LittleBird’s partners. I love to get a bird’s eye view of a city – whether that’s from the CN Tower in Toronto, the Top of the Rock in New York or Sunshine 60 in Tokyo. If the weather’s good it can be hours of entertainment, particularly when you have a mix of old buildings, new skyscrapers – and plenty of football stadiums to spot!

The View From The Shard

To get to the viewing platforms, you’re whizzed up to the top of The Shard in two fast lifts – one to take you to Level 33, and then switching to a second one up to Level 68.

The View From The Shard

Here there is access to interactive Tell: scopes where you can move the scope to zoom in live – but also choose to see views of London’s Medieval, Tudor, Stuart and 19th century past.

The View From The Shard

Climb up three levels to experience the open air Skydeck on Level 72, which exposes you to the elements and sounds of the city below. New to this level are two new Virtual Reality experiences (you’ll have to buy a ticket for these) – test your balance on ‘Vertigo’ or enjoy the thrill of ‘The Slide’ if you dare!

The View From The Shard

What I like about The View From The Shard is that they don’t allow too many people in at once – and there’s no limit to the time you can spend up there. It’s a unique spot to have a beer or a glass of fizz while your children enjoy the view!

Oh, and before you leave – even if you don’t need to go, you really should check out the ultimate loo with a view…

Win! The View From The Shard Family tickets

I’ve teamed up with LittleBird to give away tickets for either 2 adults and 2 children (age 4-15) OR 1 adult and 3 children to visit The View From The Shard. The tickets will be valid until 31 October 2017.

How to enter

Log in to the Gleam widget below, then scroll down and leave a comment on this blog post to let me know which London landmark you would look out for first from The View From The Shard – would it be the Emirates Stadium, The Orbit, Battersea Power Stadium or the London Eye? Or perhaps you have your own favourite building? Then leave your name in the Gleam widget. This is the only mandatory task.

Shard View prize draw

Earn bonus entries by signing up to receive LittleBird’s FREE daily newsletter, tweeting, and following on Twitter – all of these are optional!

Closing date for entries is 2 September 2017 and it’s open to UK residents aged over 18 – check the widget for full T&Cs. Not sure how to use Gleam? Watch my guide to entering Gleam giveaways.

This is a sponsored post and we received complimentary tickets to visit The View From The Shard.

179 Responses

  1. Anila hussain says:

    The London eye

  2. Lucy robinson says:

    Got to be The London Eye.

  3. Gemma Holland says:

    I’d love to spot The Emirates Stadium

  4. Yee says:

    Tower Bridge

  5. Caroline Gardner says:

    i would love to see the elizabeth tower (big ben )

  6. Robyn Clarke says:

    The London eye, my son is amazed by it.

  7. Adrian Bold says:

    I’d love to see Wembley Stadium

  8. Justine Edwards says:

    Did the London Eye last week, so i’d like to see how much further out down the Thames i could see, so the landmark i’d really like to see would be Tilbury Power Station.

  9. Rosalind Sargent says:

    I would look out for the Olympic stadium

  10. Jane Sanderson says:

    The London Eye so I could orientate myself

  11. eric wall says:

    I would look at the Globe Theatre and then just people watch those walking along the banks of the Thames, hours of fun 🙂

  12. Chris T-Rex Turner says:

    Wembley Stadium !

  13. polly powers says:

    Firstly I would have to look at the London eye, my sight isn’t the best and so would be the most obvious to see, them I would have to see how many football stadiums I could see from there, and then I would have to look south to see how far you can see from the shard,

  14. Chris says:

    St Paul’s Cathedral and all the other amazing architecture in our fantastic capital city

  15. Jo Heath says:

    The London Eye x

  16. Amanda Letch says:

    The Gherkin, should be easy to spot!

  17. Clare Connolly-joyce says:

    I would love to look out for St Paul’s Cathedral especially as it’s Diana’s anniversary be nice to think about happy memories of her getting married and the amazing wedding she had

  18. Eileen McC says:

    Westminster Cathedral is great for cheap views of London skyline

  19. jakki says:

    I can see the shard from my Flat in Essex and have always wondered what it would be like to be in the Shard and look back this way. I would also like to see all of London from above .I love London and was born there but due to health issues I don’t get to go there as much very often so this would be a great reason to go x

  20. a.e.adkins says:

    Tower of London first but would enjoy spotting all iconic London structures/buildings

  21. Dawn Adams says:

    The London Eye, went on it a Few Months ago, would be Great to see it from a different angle.

  22. Teri Barham says:

    I’d love to see Wembley Stadium as I have watched many iconic concerts there!

  23. Beth Crunden says:

    Been wanting to go up the Shard for ages Di. Thanks for the chance.x

  24. Heli Lukkarinen says:

    The London Eye. As I find it to be the most iconic modern London landmark.

  25. lorraine says:

    II would love to see The London Eye from The Shard.Another much loved London mark. So proud of our capItaly city.We are so lucky xx

  26. Emily Shepperson says:

    St. Paul’s Cathedral For me 🙂

  27. elaine stokes says:

    the London eye, then the take a tour around

  28. Stephen Temperton says:

    Tower bridge, being from Derbyshire we’ve only been to London a handful of times and haven’t seen this yet.

  29. Susie Mc says:

    Big Ben

  30. Theresa Thomas says:

    Wembley Stadium, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and The Tower of London

  31. Margaret Dring says:

    Guys Hospital

  32. Lynn Neal says:

    Battersea Power station! Great pic above of you and Ryland!

  33. Spencer Wright says:

    Wembley Stadium & as many other football stadiums as possible

  34. Donna says:

    trying to spot the thames barrier was fun, would love to take the kids to have a look, it was a girlie trip when I went.

  35. Christian says:

    I’d try to spot my flat. It should be possible, as it’s in quite a big building near Millwall stadium. It would be interesting to see it from a new perspective.

  36. Marie says:

    I would love to see the London Eye

  37. Lou Bailes says:

    I would love to try spot the natural hitory museum, or big ben. my fave places in London

  38. Erica Price says:

    Tower Bridge

  39. Janet Douglas says:

    Never done the shard and would love to

  40. h_igoe says:

    We loved the London eye when we went so thats what we would be looking out for

  41. greig spencer says:

    st pauls

  42. Anthea Holloway says:

    St. Paul’s Cathedral

  43. stewart biddle says:

    Big ben

  44. joseph jones says:

    Buckingham palace

  45. Amy Wright says:

    London Eye

  46. Grace Wise says:

    St.Paul’s Cathedral

  47. ray says:

    Kensington Palace

  48. GCforever says:

    I would like to try to see Wembley Stadium .

  49. Kim says:

    I’d try spot the London Eye!!

  50. Petra Hora says:

    London Bridge

  51. Sammi-jo Headley says:

    I love to see the London eye

  52. Sandra Bald says:

    The Tower of London

  53. Emma Kiff says:

    Tower Bridge

  54. Vera Bahounkova says:

    The London Eye

  55. msgchristiansen says:

    I’d like to see my son’s house in East London. He lives near where the Olympics were held.

  56. Hong says:

    Tower Bridge, maybe catch it when raised with ships passing through.

  57. Melissa-Jane Day says:

    It would have to be the London Eye.

  58. Ren Taylor says:

    The London eye x

  59. Amy Bee says:

    Tower Bridge

  60. Christina Palmer says:

    The London Eye

  61. Georgia McAllister says:

    I’m really scared of heights, so hopefully if I could crawl to the windows on my hands knees I would love to see my old home in South London.

  62. Nicola Doherty says:

    Fleet Street love all the stores of Sweeney Todd!

  63. Emma Louise says:

    Canary Wharf

  64. Darren Rogers says:

    My house!

  65. Lynn Brown says:

    Tower Bridge

  66. Jodie A Green says:

    The London eye!

  67. MARK HOPKINS says:

    St Pauls Cathedral

  68. Daphne Ormerod says:

    The London Eye

  69. Sarah Burton says:

    I’d like to see my own house in South East london

  70. lynn savage says:

    I’d love to see The Houses of Parliament

  71. Jackie Talbot says:

    Tower Bridge

  72. I’d like to look down on the London Eye as I’ve been on that

  73. Margaret Riordan says:

    The London Eye – another London iconic place I would love to win tickets to.

  74. Irene Wright says:

    My BGF & I go to London for a ‘girlie’ weekend every June and always say “we must visit the Shard” but even after 5 years in a row, we’ve never quite made it – yet!!!

  75. Mary Chez says:

    Tower Bridge

  76. Tina Houlihan says:

    I’d love to see the London Eye from the Shard. – Mary H

  77. Helena Williams says:

    I would love to look down on the London Eye having looked down on everything else from the London Eye! x

  78. The Millenium Bridge

  79. Candice Foss says:

    The Oxo Tower building, happy childhood memories visiting with my parents.

  80. Rachel Marie Clynch says:

    London Bridge

  81. Emily Clark says:

    St Pauls Cathedral!

  82. Daphne says:

    The Thames

  83. Lindsay Davies says:

    London Bridge

  84. Mark Allen says:

    The Houses of Parliament:)

  85. Tracy G says:

    The Gherkin

  86. Victoria B says:

    Buckingham Palace

  87. rebecca beesley says:

    what super photos! We’d love to see Tower Bridge from the Shard. x

  88. Claire Woods says:

    The London Eye.

  89. Lynne McEvoy says:

    Tower Bridge

  90. diva1977 says:

    the London eye

  91. Linda King says:

    To see London from that great height would be amazing

  92. dragonfly63 says:

    The Thames and all the famous landmarks either side.

  93. Siobhan Lucy says:

    The London eye 🙂

  94. Carolynn Woodland says:

    Love to see the London Eye from the Shard

  95. Vicky R says:

    Would be on the look out for Big Ben 🙂

  96. Debbie Howe says:

    The Thames!

  97. Sarah Prentice says:

    All the royal palaces!

  98. Cristina Sara Arcay says:

    Tower Bridge

  99. Kevin Friend says:

    The O2

  100. Solange says:

    London Bridge

  101. Theresa Louise Cooke says:

    London Bridge

  102. Paula Gwynne says:

    London Bridge

  103. Kelly winley says:

    Definitely The Emirates Stadium with being an Arsenal fan

  104. Patricia Bell says:

    London Bridge

  105. Laura Pritchard says:

    The Tower of London

  106. georgie pope says:

    I must admit I love it all. I’ve been for lunch in the old Post Office Tower, so I’d like to see that from the Shard

  107. Kath Taylor says:

    I’d look out for the Sky Garden as we chose to go up that instead last time we were in London 🙂

  108. Robert Kearney says:

    I would look out for the British museum. My favourite building in all of London. Not only for the amazing things inside but also the architecture.

  109. Carl says:

    Tower Bridge.

  110. Adam Brundell says:

    Tower Bridge.

  111. Gwen B says:

    Tower of London

  112. Sally Carter says:

    Tower of London

  113. Lee B says:

    Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament

  114. madmike2 says:

    Tower Bridge.

  115. Bridget Neptune says:

    The O2

  116. Char Keddy says:

    Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament xx

  117. marian fievez says:

    Would be amazing to see all the attractions on the river, The London Eye, Tower Bridge x

  118. Angela L Paull says:

    Lucas adores Tower Bridge – we specifically timed our last visit to London to be on a day we could see it opening! Sure he’s love a bird’s eye view!

  119. ydimbleby says:

    I would try to spot the grasshopper on top of The Royal Exchange building.

  120. Joanna Olszewska says:

    Tower bridge!

  121. Jules Smith Eley says:

    I would love to see the Tower of London

  122. Rhia Drew says:

    The London Eye

  123. Bryan Murphy says:

    Big Ben

  124. Harry Sutton says:

    I would look out for Buckingham Palace

  125. Susan Lloyd says:

    Definitely Big Ben x

  126. Kazz Usher says:

    London Eye, that’s the tallest thing I have been on in London so to get taller than that and to see it would be awesome! Kids would love it! (so would I)

  127. Joan App says:

    would love this

  128. Helen Fowler says:

    I would look out for the HSBC building in Canary Wharf – my husband works there.

  129. Katrina Adams says:

    Big Ben for me. We are going in early September and I really want to make sure that we see the sites. Some times it’s fun to do the touristy bits! Keeping my fingers crossed

  130. Elysia Benn says:

    Wow that is breathtaking only from the photos, never mind in real life! :O I haven’t been to London since I was a little kid, so I would love to see the Tower of London from the Shard. Looks amazing!!!

  131. Hannah Wood says:

    Ohhh my gosh we are going to London this September ekkkkkkkkkkk. Love places like the Tower Of London but so many beautiful places .

  132. Nicole says:

    Big Ben!

  133. Leanne Perrett says:

    i would try to spot big ben tower especially since its gone silent now for 4 years 🙂

  134. Sarah Robinson says:

    Tower of London

  135. Sarah H says:

    Southwark Cathedral and Borough Market for old and new. Also the Cheesegrater as my sis in law works there.

  136. amy p says:

    big ben I would love to see

  137. Tammy Lisa Artherton says:

    The London eye i think x

  138. Tower Bridge and The Tower of London look magnificent

  139. Deborah Galloway says:

    The Tower of London as it’s the oldest building you can see, so it’s mixing the old with the new. Can you imagine what the people of that era would have thought of the Shard!

  140. Daniel Marshall says:

    The Orbit!

  141. Kathryn Hipkin says:

    The London Eye of course; still keep trying to win tickets for it. Some day…

  142. otter sot says:

    tower bridge. love that bridge!

  143. Elizabeth Cooke says:

    The London Eye – it will look small from up there!

  144. Anna Pearson says:

    No landmark in particular, I would just love to marvel at how tiny everyone down below looks (if you can see them at all!)

  145. Heather Brannan says:

    Buckingham Palace to catch a glimpse of the queen!

  146. Clare Walmsley says:

    Battersea Power Station, I think it’s beautiful.

  147. Shelly Wenn says:

    The London Eye

  148. Monica Gilbert says:

    I think it would be really cool to see The Tower of London from above. The area is such a juxtaposition of historic and modern architecture from ground level.

  149. Megan says:

    The London Eye or the Walkie Talkie.

  150. Ailsa Sheldon says:

    The London eye at night as I’ve been on it twice but never on the shard

  151. Rachael Watkins says:

    Hello it’s got to be the classic London Eye. Would be weird to be taller than that and tower over it. Thanks great comp.

  152. Liam Bishop says:

    The London Eye all lit up.

  153. Tiff Jordan says:

    I’d look out for the Tower of London!

  154. Karen Weedon says:

    St Pauls’ Catherdral – although London is packed with iconic buildings so I’m sure any of it seen from The Shard would be an amazing view.

  155. Jane wilson says:

    Nelson’s Column Trafalgar Square

  156. karen hutchinson says:

    What a view – Buckingham palace to see how big it is

  157. Lin Martin says:

    Big Ben, as we not going to be hearing it for a while will look out for it.

  158. Jojo says:

    I would visit Buckingham Palace

  159. Claire Mse Fawkner says:

    Buckingham Palace!

  160. Derek Wilson says:

    I work in Greenwich right next to the O2 Arena (formerly the Millennium Dome), so it would be great to see it from the Shard. I bet the sunsets are fantastic!

  161. Kim Styles says:

    The London Eye -thats the next location on my wish list!

  162. Julia Plant says:

    I’d look out for my family home in east London ❤️

  163. Mel Jane says:

    I would look for Big Ben

  164. sunshine says:

    This would be amazing! I’d love to see Big Ben

  165. Luke Drower says:

    It’s on the wishlist!

  166. v mill says:

    We would look for the London Eye as it’s the easiest for us to spot.

  167. Laura Harrison says:

    I would like to see the Tower of London xx

  168. Bridget Daley says:

    Travalgar Square to see if the pidgeons are still flying above

  169. kim neville says:

    Would like to see all along the Thames

  170. Deborah Walker says:

    Looks fab. I’d look for the Tower of London

  171. Diane Wood says:

    I’d like to see Buckinhgham Palace’s “back garden”!

  172. Hannah Smith says:

    I’d look out for my new office that is being built!

  173. Lindsey Smith says:

    I’d love to spot the Houses of Parliament!

  174. lynn heath says:

    We would look to see the Olympic stadium

  175. Kathy Waterson says:

    Think I would look at the Thames and follow it up and down first.

  176. cara b81 says:

    Would love to spot the London eye as the last time we went landmark spotting we were inside it!!

  177. Jo Godfray says:

    I have just asked the girls and they would love to spot Big Ben – a bit sad there will be no more Bongs for the next 4 years!!

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