Win Xbox prizes with Doritos

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  1. Francesca Jones says:

    I have purchased nearly 100 bags (on clearance & hubby and kids love them), entered the codes in the early hours and won loads of trial codes, 4 packets of crisps and I code that is for a year’s subscription but sadly no console! 4-5am was when I got the most wins.

  2. Crystal says:

    hi Di i entered this promotion when it started i have won 1 14 days live gold pass and 5 7 days pass i really want to win my brother an xbox for christmas do u have any tips and do u think i have a chance at winning

    • I can’t offer any tips on this one except to keep an eye out for litter (wombling) to get some extra codes to use! There will be SO many entries – it’s a desirable prize so close to Xmas, and people love Doritos…

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