Wombling for wins

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  1. Diane says:

    I work in a little village pub, and I asked one of the customers if he didn’t mind me using the code on his Doritos packet and won 2 tickets to the UEFA champions league in Milan!

  2. Anna Zuliani-Lord says:

    I won footballs, etc after collecting discarded Walkers crisp packets and 2 tickets to the World Athletics after collecting my colleagues Mullerligt pots!

  3. elainehollis says:

    I won a trip to the South Africa World Cup using a code from a coke bottle in the office bin

  4. Leanne Perrett says:

    i always check discarded codes especially mc donalds stuff when monopoly is playing i also check any scratchcards that have been dropped i have won a few free quid because people cant be bothered to check it properly

    • Very good point about scratchcards. My parents often buy these and I’m surprised at how complicated some of them are – scrabble, battleships etc! I fear a lot of winning cards are chucked away!

  5. I love this post Di ! I’ve wombled a few lucozade bottles and walkers crisp packets in the past, none were winners sadly but it was a free chance to win non the less. I love reading about the success people have with wombling.

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