Wombling for wins

Are you a womble? Wombles collect other people’s litter, making good use of the things that they find (as the song goes!) Not only are wombles helping Keep Britain Tidy, but they might even make a bit of cash – or win a prize! – with the litter they pick up.

You might already be familiar with the term wombling – many money-savers love to collect discarded receipts from near a supermarket, then use them to claim money off vouchers (Asda), or loyalty points (Tesco & Sainsbury’s). Have a read of Skint Dad’s great guide to wombling receipts – ‘How wombling can save you hundreds on your weekly shop’

Wombling for Wins: how litter can win you big prizes!

But what about wombling for wins?

Did you know…. SuperLucky reader Julie actually won a CAR from wombling a Spar receipt, and Janet wombled her way to the Algarve with a promotional toothpaste box! 

The easiest thing for compers to womble is packaging that features unique codes – with this type of promotion, a code can only be entered once on a website, so a receipt is hardly ever required to claim a prize (and the packaging itself is rarely asked for – although T&Cs might warn you to keep hold of it!). If you don’t want to keep the packaging, snap a quick photo of the code on your phone before throwing your wombled item into the nearest bin.

The easiest and most common promotional products for compers to womble are cans (Coke, Rockstar, Carabao), bottles (Coke, Lucozade, Highland Spring), cereal boxes (Dorset Cereals, Weetabix, Cheerios), snack packets (Walkers, Tyrrells, Wall’s), and chocolate wrappers (Kinder, Cadbury, KitKats).

Won’t the codes already have been used?

Winners lists for unique code promotions show that between 95% and 99% of codes are not entered on a website – so the chance of finding new, unused codes is high!

Where’s good to womble?

Health and safety is super important – don’t go delving into dustbins!

  • Look out for cereal boxes, beer boxes and fizzy pop bottles in your neighbours’ recycling boxes (here in Brighton they’re left out on the pavements so it’s easy to swipe a Lucozade bottle as you pass by!) Go out in the early morning on recycling day for the best selection (if you enjoy this, do watch the Contest Queen’s video on ‘Pin code hunting’ in Canada!)
  • Parks and benches near secondary schools, colleges and Tesco Express stores usually have junk food packaging discarded by teenagers who clearly don’t recognise a bin when they see it!
  • At sporting events (particularly football matches) you’ll find lots of Coke bottles on the concourse and even on the floor of the stadium – Coke promotional codes are usually printed on the bottles or under the cap
  • You can even womble in your office – or if you see products being thrown away, politely ask your colleagues if they’ll pass them on to you next time!
  • Are you on good terms with a local bar or café? Ask them nicely to save their empties, labels or lids for you!

Are you a womble? What’s the bravest or cheekiest wombling you’ve done in the name of comping? Share your secrets in the comments!

13 Responses

  1. Denise Slater says:

    In 2010 I won £250.00 ASOS Voucher, from a Wombled Appletiser can I found when walking my dog. Dog poo bags are marvellous for picking up quallies/rubbish. I walk my dog past particular lay-bys regularly when McDonald’s have their Monopoly comp on. My son loves the free food and drink lol. Fizzy drink bottles and lids, or cans with coded ring pulls are good, crisp and sweet packets too. I always check scratchcards. I have snaffled the odd item out of a recycling bins, but the council have added lids here to stop rubbish flying away. I think I’m helping the environment too.

    • Di says:

      I like the dog poo bag tip Denise! I’ve got lots of bits from recycling boxes as they’re all on the streets here in Brighton. Sometimes I adjust my 5km run route if I’m looking for specific beer boxes!!

  2. Julie Daniels says:

    Yes, I’ve won by wombling lots of times! I would say I’ve won several hundred pounds worth of prizes so far. I’ve done really well from discarded Coca Cola bottles, crisp packets and Mars and Cadbury’s chocolate wrappers. These are all so easy to find if you walk around a busy town car park.

  3. Richard says:

    Yeo Valley (yogurts and healthy stuff) also have a ‘yeotokens’ scheme that is fun.

  4. Richard Ford says:

    I like the social aspect. I never liked using other peoples receipts because it seemed slightly dishonest but picking up rubbish is a different matter. I am providing a public service!

  5. Diane says:

    I work in a little village pub, and I asked one of the customers if he didn’t mind me using the code on his Doritos packet and won 2 tickets to the UEFA champions league in Milan!

  6. Anna Zuliani-Lord says:

    I won footballs, etc after collecting discarded Walkers crisp packets and 2 tickets to the World Athletics after collecting my colleagues Mullerligt pots!

  7. elainehollis says:

    I won a trip to the South Africa World Cup using a code from a coke bottle in the office bin

  8. Leanne Perrett says:

    i always check discarded codes especially mc donalds stuff when monopoly is playing i also check any scratchcards that have been dropped i have won a few free quid because people cant be bothered to check it properly

    • Very good point about scratchcards. My parents often buy these and I’m surprised at how complicated some of them are – scrabble, battleships etc! I fear a lot of winning cards are chucked away!

  9. I love this post Di ! I’ve wombled a few lucozade bottles and walkers crisp packets in the past, none were winners sadly but it was a free chance to win non the less. I love reading about the success people have with wombling.

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