World Book Day Comps 2019

World Book Day is on Thursday 7 March this year, and of course there will be plenty of prize-winning opportunities! Look out for photo competitions across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook on the day itself (I’ve added a linky list to this post which I’ll add to!).

Here’s a nice one for budding designers…

Win Book Tokens

Design a National Book Token with the theme of Share a Story using the template here. A panel of judges will select a winner and runner-up in each of three age categories: up to 8 years, 9-12 years and 13-16 years.

First prize winners in each category get £250 National Book Tokens for the school, £100 Tokens for the child and £100 for the teacher. Second prizes are £150, £50 and £50 tokens.

Parents or guardians can enter on behalf of home schooled children rather than teachers. The closing date is Friday 12 April 2019 – see the T&Cs here.

Costume inspiration

You still have a couple of days to rustle up a costume! If you manage something unusual or super creative, you’ll have a good chance of picking up a prize in the photo comps. Here’s my Pinterest board with some inspiration…

And for the chance to win bookworm prizes all year round, there are lots of easy prize draws on the National Book Tokens Caboodle, Toppsta and World Book Day websites! Check out my blog post on Competitions for Bookworms for tips too.

I’ll be adding to the linky list below as more WBD comps pop up – let me know in the comments if you spot any good ones!

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  1. Love this post! World Book Day is a great way to get kids off their tablets and interested in reading (even if it is only for a day or two). I always used to look forward to it as a kid. Take care, Luke.

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