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Essential reading for compers 0

Essential reading for compers

Does your bookshelf have a comping section? Mine does – and I’m always looking out for more books to add, whether it’s brand new books or vintage eBay purchases! I read a lot of...

HQ Trivia 0

Win cash with the HQ Trivia app

Have you played HQ Trivia yet? The app has taken the US by storm! HQ live streams to your phone, like a mini quiz show. 12 multiple choice questions are asked – if you...

List of UK Competition Websites 56

List of UK competition websites

As a new comper, how can you tell which websites to trust with your details? This post – which is updated regularly – lists all the major UK competition sites – good and bad.  If...


How to unlike Facebook pages quickly

Uh oh! Facebook has just informed you that you’ve reached your limit and can no longer like any more pages! But what’s the quickest way to sort this out? Well, if you go to

Tips for entering advent competitions 15

Tips for Advent Competitions

Are you ready for the busiest time of the year for compers? You may have noticed a few companies starting their daily giveaways early, but most will be launching next Friday, 1st December. There...


280 characters: what it means for compers

This week Twitter has rewarded us with a whopping 280 characters per tweet, doubling the 140 characters we’re used to. But what does this big change mean for compers? Here are my thoughts… More...


Contestant calls for UK gameshows

Have you considered going on a TV gameshow or quiz show? It’s a fun way to compete to win a cash prize, and there are always plenty of opportunities to apply. It’s not all about...

What's it like on Tipping Point? 13

What’s it like on Tipping Point?

Did you spot me on Tipping Point earlier today? (watch it until 12 November on the ITV website if you missed it!) Tipping Point was the first game show I recorded since Ejector Seat in 2014...

How to win radio competitions and contests 7

How to win radio competitions

On-air radio competitions have always been a good source of high-value prizes. And although there are less competitions around compared to the 90s and 00s, you still have a decent chance of winning if...

Are you shadowbanned? You might be invisible on Twitter and Instagram! 45

Have you been shadowbanned?

There’s been some panic amongst compers recently as they’ve become the latest victims of Twitter’s shadowban – but what does that actually mean? A shadowban is where a user is ‘hidden’ from an online...