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  1. Kerrylyn John says:

    Hi compete. I ‘ve been entering these daily clicks for a few weeks now. So if I was lucky enough to win something then I can t win again for 6 months??? After I ‘ve read through your comments. Where does it say this? Thanks for any help and advice. Good luck all x

    • Di says:

      You can win multiple prizes, but can’t win two that are valued at more than £500 in a 6 month period from the Bauer group (which covers Click to Wins and Bauer radio/TV comps too)

  2. Joan Anthony says:

    Good blog. I have only just found it after someone mentioned it on Latest Deals.
    I have done quite well out of Click2Wins, particularly when they first started. You do have to do a lot to have much of a chance. I don’t mind that they are boring because I do them while watching TV but I can only do so many at a time and some days can’t be bothered with them. They do have some good prizes.
    Just one point, one poster has said that you can’t win twice in 6 months. In fact my understanding of the T&Cs it that you can but you can’t win more than one prize that is worth more than £500.

    • anne mashhadi says:

      I make full e use of any free time I have, even just standing in queues, to enter this type of comp. I have them set up on my phone. I have had a few wins – small amounts of cash, i pad etc. I know the odds arent good but I meticulously go through the same sites most days. Its a numbers game. I dont have a lot of time and would rather spend it this way than going round getting forms, buying products etc. I only focus on things I want

  3. Kim says:

    Hi all.
    Great web page, thanks for sharing!
    I’m fairly new to this competition thing, just wondered if anyone has a way to bypass the videos? X

  4. Stewart H says:

    All you have to think is that by entering even just ONCE, it means you have 100% more chance of winning than if you didn’t enter at all. That’s what I keep telling myself anyway! haha

  5. Callum Hull says:

    Right Click Open All Comps Up In New Tabs, Wait For Button To Become Available, Then Click Through Them All At The Speed Of Light, Website Done? Move To Next One, Repeat The Process…

  6. Stevie says:

    Are these the type of competitions that bar you from winning from 6 months since your last win?

  7. Sarah H says:

    Had been doing them for a couple of months but have decided its too much time and effort which i’d rather put into looking for and doing creative and low entry comps

  8. Chris says:

    Thanks for all your work on this Di. I am with you on entering these – hard work for very little result. I did not realise how many sites had links for each prize. I rarely do them. I wonder what the odds are of winning a decent prize?

  9. Nikki Hayes says:

    I’ve won a number of click to win competitions – but wins aren’t frequent and its a lot of work if you do more than a handful of sites. I’ve now handed that job over to my husband, he has had one small win in three months and is entering over about 40 sites (don’t know how he has the patience – I only used to do about a dozen sites myself).

  10. I only ever enter them through Take A Break and only ever once a week when I’m entering their weekly puzzle comps in the magazine. I’ve won twice with them but nothing huge, Food Show tickets once and a baby bath bundle the other

  11. Tony Metcalf says:

    I’ve been doing them for just over a year, using about 20-25 of the sites, and had a fair few wins. They are very boring, I usually do them with a laptop on my lap while watching TV at the same time.
    Not had any success with any of the prizes I particularly targeted, but won some where I’m sure I only had a few entries.

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