How to find Instagram competitions

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  1. It’s helpful for me. Thank you

  2. Muhammad Abdullah says:

    I need follow

  3. Alex says:

    This is such good advice! On the flip side, we wrote a bit about how to host good competitions (especially if you can’t find ones you like to participate in!):

  4. We have lots of competitions. Any ideas of where to get the word out?

  5. Sharon says:

    thanks di

  6. Neill Johnstone says:

    For me Instagram is hottest right now in terms of effort-to-returns – I highly recommend! The orange people are of course a bonus 😉

  7. Becca-Lou Creates says:

    Di, can you help me, I’ve entered some genuine Instagram competitions but have never won, how would a promoter / company notify a winner I don’t understand if you can message through Instagram. Thanks

    • Becca, I’ve listed the methods of informing winners on my other post at – it IS possible to send a DM (direct message) on Instagram but they’ve not made it very easy to find this on the app. It’s a little in-tray icon at the top of the home screen (tap the house icon) and will show a little red dot if you have a message. Some promoters prefer to comment on your photo and ask you to email them though – in this case look for a red dot under the heart/speech bubble icon to show you have a notification!

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