How to find low-entry competitions

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  1. Laura lou says:

    I know this is a long shot Di but I was regular finding low entry comps on Facebook, but my search is only showing me 30-40 post which are all America, any ideas if this affecting others or is something up with my account. I’ve tried reporting it but no joy

  2. Lindsey Martin says:

    I won tickets to a drive in movie with a local radio stations charity facebook page. There were only two entries and all we had to do was like the page. I also commented and then emailed to ask when the prize draw was taking place as it didnt state it on the post. I’m only 2 months into comping, so this was a lucky find at the right time.

  3. Steve B says:

    I’m (a) extremely new to this and (b) uber social media adverse…. I notice from the comments that it seems you need a Twitter, Facebook, Pictionary etc. account, especially when it comes to the low-entry and local comps. Do people have ‘any’ success outside this type of comp? I would consider G+ (because I have a Google account anyway) but you hear some real horror stories surrounding privacy, trolling and scams connected these sites….. Any tips?

    • Steve, Twitter is a good place to start because you don’t need to use your real name or indeed a photo of yourself on your profile (Facebook terms do state you need to use your real name!). Purchase comps don’t usually require social media, and you can still find a lot of good comps on the web via Google searches. I would start by joining Twitter and looking for some local companies to follow, searching for keywords like WIN, COMPETITION and your town/county name!

      • Steve B says:

        Many thanks for the pointers Di, you have no idea how relieved I am not to have to join the Facebook generation 🙂

  4. Zoë Kimberley Weir says:

    I won £500 on twitter with a como that only had 3 enteries! Had to dress up as a super hero and only had an age 5-6 iron man outfit to squeeze into but i won!

  5. Kieran Mott says:

    Really helpful as always Di!

  6. Neerja Gaur says:

    I am havin’ fun reading all these comments 😛 interesting hehehe

  7. Lisa Crowther says:

    I won a Facebook competition run by Currys PC World in August – you had to comment with your idea of a perfect feast to win tickets to the Big Feastival – there were a few sets of tickets and one pair with VIP passes. There were about 60 entries – I love food and drink so I thought I would give it a go. I got a message a couple of days later to say that I had won and to send my details etc. When I replied they told me I’d won the VIP passes…yay! Mr C and I had a great day 🙂 Thanks for all of your tips, Di – I’m going to defo put them into practice!

  8. Loraine Barker says:

    Only just started comping. Bit bamboozled with all the comp sites. They all have the same comps. Can I enter same comps on all the comp sites or will I be disqualified. Sorry to sound a bit thick but don’t want to miss out on good prizes.

  9. Matt Banda says:

    Is a legit site. Its used to do giveaways and I’m not sure about it. I’ve checked some reviews and they say its fine but I’m worried these may have been set up to verify scam sites

  10. Jacqueline barker says:

    Di i started seriously comping on jan 1st this year and my enthusiasm is seriously flagging. I have yet to win anything

    • Sorry to hear this Jacqueline! Have you tried the Soup Mugs promotion and the Walkers promotion? I’ve yet to hear of a non winner for those two! Just small prizes but those little wins keep you going. Are you actively looking for local comps on Facebook, Google and Twitter?

      • Jacqueline barker says:

        I am using comp forums, twitter and facebook but no luck. Tried the soup and didnt win! I hope some of your luck rubs off, your prize list is very inspiring! I will keep on and fingers crossed its my turn soon

    • Lucy Johnson says:

      Hi Jacqueline, do you use Prizefinder ? Also, Di’s Book is very good. Also, look in local magazines and newspapers for low entry comps. Good luck, and let me know if you win anything ! x

      • Jacqueline barker says:

        Hi Lucy I use Mse comping forum. I must be entering about 40 comps minimum daily. I will let you know when i win I will shout it from the rooftops lol.

  11. judy2357 says:

    I have downloaded WAMO and am off to fathom it out. Thank you x

  12. ELLEN MURRAY says:

    Really informative guess it’s time to buy
    I don’t have pay pall what other methods of payments are there.

  13. Lesley Shackleton says:

    Great advice thank you

  14. Gill Mitchell says:

    My daughter won a a Name Train from a Big Jigs advent competition. You had to print off a colouring sheet, colour in and then upload. She was the only entrant……

  15. Angela Campbell says:

    I won an iPad Air from a low entry blog comp – 64 entrants incl myself!

  16. Tracy says:

    I won a competition with 294 entrants through Facebook. It was part of a 12 page giveaway.

  17. Pan Tangible says:

    I had a once-in-a-lifetime experience last summer. No one but me seemed to understand the rules of a Columbia Sportswear Promotion and I was able to win the weekly Grand Prize THREE times! I won a pontoon boat and a pair of high quality binoculars, then passed the details on to a neighbor and he won a kayak boat.

  18. Jordan Jarmain says:

    It was Sophie la giraffes birthday a couple month ago and I hadn’t gotten round to buying my little girl one yet so I searched specifically for comps relating to her. I entered quite a few across several platforms but actually managed to win one on a low entry fb page where you had to wish Sophie a happy birthday. I made up a happy birthday rhyme and was 1 of 10 winners with only 30 entries. Been comping on and off for 3 years and never won anything until the last few month and finally had 5 small wins now I’m being more selective. Thanks for all the tips xx

  19. chimocho says:

    I did a google search a few weeks ago for “win comic books” because I love comics but they can be quite expensive. Found a competition held by a small radio station in America to write a superhero-themed haiku and win a set of comic books worth over £50. I didnt know if it was open to countries outside of the US, but figured I should give it a go anyway and emailed in my entry just an hour or two before the deadline. Turns out there were only five entrants and I was the winner! They were more than happy to ship to the UK and my comics are fantastic!!

    If you’re curious my haiku was as follows:
    “Cloaked or masked or caped
    The costume hides a hero;
    Secret’s safe with me.”

    Always worth looking for specific prizes, especially if they’re a niche interest like comic books. I’ve also had some success searching for particular brands of cosmetics such as LUSH or Asian brands to find comps that can get lost in the huge pool of beauty giveaways going on each day! Goodreads is also great for quick-to-enter low-entry book giveaways. If you set your search for UK-only, many of the giveaways run by publishers will have around 100 entries, often for 20 copies of a particular book. I’ve won 26 books through Goodreads so far this year (joined in January) and almost all of them have been giveaways like these.

    Thanks for the post as always Di! xxx

  20. Monica Gilbert says:

    I won a hooded towel as one of two entrants on Instagram. Finding local competitions on Google is a bit tricky because I live near Reading. So I often end up finding results dealing with books instead of the location.

  21. Maureen F Millward says:

    I won £200 of history books and I was the only entrant. You had to send a photo on twitter to them of yourself stood outside a historic monument and holding up their history magazine. Their magazine was expensive at £7 and not easy to find. I won with them again the following month when there were about 5 entries. This time, you had to hold up the magazine and take a selfie outside Sainburys. For that one, I won a parrot drone.

  22. Paul Brown says:

    Hi Di!
    I entered a photo comp on my employers own internal version of Twitter/Facebook which had less than 40 entries!

    Won an iPad Air 2 so can’t complain! It was very low entry as not many people knew (or still know) about the site – great news for me!

    I’ll have to keep an eye on it for more comps… 😉

  23. Kathryn Hipkin says:

    I can remember winning 2 low entry comps; one was years ago when a (very) local magazine was introduced for our estate; you had to draw a Hallowe’en picture. No great artist but I drew a witch, my brother and sister entered also and we all won our age groups – as we were the only entrants! Giant tubes of smarties won there. Unfortunately the next issue they asked you to submit a photograph; it was years ago, no internet then, we lived in the back of beyond and developing photos – or even having a camera – was beyond our budget. No entries at all; no more magazine. (Boo).
    The other time was a few years ago that I just happened to read to the end of the free metro paper on my way home from work on the Friday of the early May Bank holiday weekend and found a comp to win a trip to Glasgow that had to be entered that day, so I entered and won, they told me on the Tuesday. We stayed in Citizen M, the hotel that thinks it’s IKEA.

  24. Lydia Frew says:

    I won a hotel stay and high tea up Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth for myself and my daughter. It was a Facebook baking comp where they asked you to make a Spinnaker Tower inspired cake. I only saw one other entry but I think there may have been another two or three. We went all out for this by learning how to do structural sugar work and making a 60cm tall sugar tower! It’s a long time since I’ve made a big fruit cake and I’m not sure I would have planned it that way if I’d known it was going to cost about £40 in ingredients! There was also a P&O baking comp at the same time so we put some cruise ships round it. Didn’t win that one though – too many good entries.

  25. emmasfabulous says:

    However much I think I know I still learn more from your posts, thank you 🙂 Most of my wins are from low entry, usually local days out. I had a great win on a local FB page in May, an Xbox! Had around 150 entries which as you say is low for a sought after prize. You had to collect which will obviously put some people off. Stashed away as a surprise for the kids for Christmas 🙂

  26. Guy Plater says:

    I’ve managed the opposite just recently, I entered a super low entry (only 9 posts) Facebook competition for £50 of Amazon vouchers, I was the first to reply and one of only two correct answers (being a two part question) and the other correct entry had won £25 voucher on the previous post, so I thought I was a shoo-in for the win. I waited the whole weekend for a notification and checked the page as often as I could, Monday morning, a quick scan through only to find I am not the winner, but one of the entrants who only answered the first part of the question had been named the winner! I did send a very polite message asking, “if possible could you let me know how the winner was chosen so I may be more successful in future”, surprisingly I’ve had no reply 😛 Disappointing after mentally spending the voucher too! 😉 Next time, or the one after that….

    • Boooooo! How disappointing! Incidentally, did you know you can ‘turn on notifications’ at the top right of an individual Facebook post – or you can click ‘Liked’ and ‘get notifications’ for a Facebook page? It can be handy for those comps where you really MUST know immediately if you’ve won!

  27. Jess Powell says:

    I’ve won some on Tumblr that were very low entry (between 3 and 20 reblogs). There are probably others, but those are the ones that come to mind. 🙂

  28. Sarah says:

    I recently won a Nikon Coolpix camera with Newburn bakehouse by warburtons on Facebook, you had to submit your breakfast ideas using their Sandwich Thins, I added the product to my shopping and got out my Pancake shape makers and made a ‘Star’ egg and on the other sandwich thin my sauce in a heart shape. There was only about ten photos entered in the end and mines was the winner 🙂 My camera arrived today!

  29. Christina Curtis says:

    I recently won £75 worth of love2shop Vouchers (they actually sent £80). It was on the wish list so I spent time looking for competitions and came across one Just about to end on Facebook – It was a caption competition which I am pretty terrible at to be honest but there was only around 10 entries and they all sounded to alike so I thought outside the box a little and won! I could not believe it had such a low entry for such a great Prize!! I have to admit I have been winning alot more since taking time to look for Competitions and becoming more organised!

  30. Emma L says:

    This is fab Di – such an interesting read. Since starting a local comping group for Manchester on Facebook with fellow comper Clare, we have both noticed our wins have gone up considerably. Maybe not the most expensive of prices, but we’ve both had plenty of ticket wins which are fab prizes as they aren’t necessarily things you’d want to pay out for but are really local so a handy and enjoyable prize!. I also recently won a table for 4, 2 x bottle of house wine and prosecco on arrival!. As this was a Twitter comp I was unsure of the ‘full prize’ details as they had to shorter it to fit in the character limit! Turned out to be starter, in and dessert for four, plus the wine and prosecco! Worth £165 – crazy!….As always some fab tips in here, will definitely be having a google/twitter search to see what I can find 🙂 E x

    • Local comps are excellent, as you say if you work in groups then you get many more comps shared! I won my own pizza in Brighton last week – half to eat at the restaurant and half to bring home! 😀

  31. Emma Fox says:

    I won a twitter personalised Snuggle Sac competition. There were two prizes and only two entries. One Friday morning I loaded Twitter and it was the first thing I saw. The competition only ran for a hour so I entered and thought nothing of it until about 10 mins to go. I checked again and I was the only entrant. Just before the end another person entered and we both won. Clearly this was good luck as I didn’t search for it – however it just shows that these competitions are out there. It was a great prize and more importantly something that I was considering buying my son for Christmas for sleepovers.

  32. DanielleGraves says:

    Recently won a comp with barefoot books for a sing a long book. You had to post a video of your child singing a rhyme. We were the only entrants.

    • Funnily enough, I got an email from Barefoot yesterday asking us to share photos of kids reading with #BarefootSummerReading to win prizes – I could only see one other photo so got Ryland to get his Barefoot Yoga cards out for a photo!

      • DanielleGraves says:

        Yeah it’s been running for a couple of weeks now. Only reason ive not entered is cos of winning the video one.

  1. 07/02/2016

    […] I am a very keen comper but don’t really have much spare time to enter competitions. When I’m not working (I’m a freelance social media manager and blogger) or home-educating my daughter ( This is not as hard work as it sounds and you certainly don’t need to be a qualified teacher to do this. I’m not! It’s just loads of fun and it means I get to spend lots of time with my lovely daughter) you can find me on here reviewing products that I have been sent to road-test for my blog (I absolutely love my polka dot corner of the web!). I’m a busy bee and don’t really get that much time to spend just looking for competitions to enter and that is why when I found Super Lucky Di’s competition website a few years ago it was an absolute blessing! To then be able to have her book to read through as well means that I can equip myself with lots of ‘how to win’knowledge so that I have the best chance of being able to enter competitions in the hope of winning. Yes there is a element of luck needed to win a competition but not all that much luck is required to win a low entry competition where only a handful of people entered! You can find out how to discover Low Entry Competitions here – […]

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