Join the #FoodbankAdvent campaign

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  1. Elizabeth Cooke says:

    It is such a great idea, I’ve done it previously and it feels great when you drop it off. I’ve volunteered before at a food bank and although basics are amazing also include things to make a full meal.
    For example where I go there is literally mountains of pasta and rice (taller than me!), but just a single tray of pasta sauces and curry sauces… it’s much easier for them to pack up food parcels when they can make up the complete meals for people. And as you’ve said include some nice festive treat bits and other household basics can make for a great parcel. Thanks for sharing this Di 🙂 I’m looking forward to doing this again this year x

  2. rebecca beesley says:

    what a brilliant initiative!

  3. v mill says:

    brilliant idea Di – will be taking part x

  4. APRIL ALDER says:

    What a lovely idea – definitely something I will be participating in.

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