Top Tips: Winning on-pack promotions

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  1. Carol Finning says:

    I won 7 times with Nutrigrain, 5 of them were from 1 Saturday night so I had 5 calls the next day, one after the other. My kids hated the bars but would tolerate the ones that were more like a cake. I spent about £60 so it was a great return.

  2. Anna Warner says:

    I have always tried these comps and never won a thing – other than a pint of milk with shreddies recently!

  3. Carmen Peach says:

    Ha HA Ha..RE the Nutri Grain story i believe this is when you first came into my life! I thought WOW who is this crazy lady who’s buying boxes of Nutri Grain bars by the bucket load! then it was Walkers crisps…..xx

  4. Shelley Jessup says:

    Good to see you encourage comping families I see nothing wrong in it just as long it is that actual family member comping. I personally got badly bullied as my mother started comping on Facebook & we were sharing & tagging each other in competitions *Gasp*! So the lovely compers decided that it was their mission to stop me & mum doing so. It just showed me how silly some people are & they have been put in a virtual box I have labelled computer viruses! It actually made us more determined & now my brother & Father does the odd comp & my 2 best friends do & we have some amazing times together for free via winning competitions. I’ve just came back from a health retreat in Spain which was amazing & I didn’t spend a penny

  5. Tamalyn Roberts says:

    sounds great, although a little worried about point 7, seems people should only enter themselves and all brothers sisters uncles and aunts should actually use their own phones to enter?? i would hate to know people had multiple comping phones – although that would explain why i dont win that many purchase text comps any more! the canny compers you post about seem more like cheating compers to me!

    • I don’t think it’s cheating if it’s one entry per person, and you have 4 people in your household (ie. you, hubby, kids x 2) – and there’s no ‘no third party entries allowed’ rule in the T&Cs. In the past when it was all about entry forms, compers always sent off 4 entry forms for them, their mum, their sister and their husband with 4 separate receipts and 4 different slogans! You’d often see the same surname twice on a winners list! The important thing is that the person you’re entering on behalf of KNOWS that you’re entering, and is around to answer the phone if they get a WTC! As for not winning many text comps, well that’s because there really are several compers who win a large percentage of text competitions where just a keyword is required (ie. Text GALAXY rather than GALAXY + your name). Where you or I would buy one chocolate bar and text once, they would buy one chocolate bar and text on 50 phones – after all, if there’s only one single holiday or car as a prize, they only need one receipt. Gah!

      • Tamalyn Roberts says:

        off to make up facebook and twitter accounts in all my families names whoop gonna win loads

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