Yeo Valley £25,000 birthday giveaway

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  1. Cyril Turke says:

    I have entered the correct code from my yoghurt pot and got the message that it an invalid entry code. It is the code on the pot and I have checked it three times but still get the message that it is invalid.
    What is the problem?

  2. Robin A. Woodruff says:

    At the grand old age of 77 can I give some of you young guys some I have today bought 3 more pots of Yeo Valley Yogurt one being Lemon Curd ,my favourite! That’s the one in the Yellow Pot with Lemon Curd in script along the bottom edge for those of you that are having all sorts of problems it seems. The other 2 are Rhubarb and Blueberry! Now holding the pot in the left hand remove the “See through” plastic reusable lid with the right hand. Don’t throw it away unless you are going to eat all of the contents at once and whilst the product is great I don’t think you will manage to eat it all in one go. Now having peeled of the paper lid and licked it clean you will find the 14 letter, computer printed (Variable) code. The key to all of this is that you have to be on the YEO website to enter that code at
    YEOVALLEY.CO.UK/Birthday, in the appropriate empty box and there are a number of these!! So you really ought to be buying more than one pot as the product is delicious. I eat the contents of at least 3 tubs every week. Now if you follow what i have said here you should have NO PROBLEM in entering the draw !! The lid also tells me I will collect 25 YOEKENS, TOO but I am afraid I cannot tell you how or what they can be used for or where I see how many i have. Perhaps a young kind person will respond to that!! ENJOY all the flavours they are great and don’t get all hot and bothered just read and follow the instructions!!

    • Di says:

      Robin this made me smile! Lemon curd yogurt is my favourite Yeo product too. As for the Yeokens – log in at to see how many you have, You can use yeokens for discounts, prize draw entries or convert to charitable donations. Click on ‘Win with your Yeokens’ to enter the raffle – one yeoken is one entry, the prize is currently a cottage holiday.

  3. Allan says:

    long term user of Yeo but not anymore, tried 4 of my correct codes at least 5 times each, told every time code not valid, looking at other comments, this seems to be a public relation and marketing disaster
    Happy birthday and goodbye

    • Rasha says:

      The new codes for this promotion start with the letter P. Other codes will be marked ‘not valid’.

  4. MICHAEL SIMS says:

    Well done Yeo Valley for excellent organic products, as to the competition – ignore the wingers – competition entry totally simple to use, no log in required

  5. Robin A. Woodruff says:

    A lot of unhappy people it seems!! Do they not take into account this is basically a “FREE DRAW”” as they are eating the Yogurt which they paid for and this piece of “FUN” might give them some extra money in their pocket!! I have been out of the country on business and missed my “Afters” or Dessert I should say, However i am now back in action and enjoying those and the thought of winning something that has’nt cost me anything!!

  6. Garner says:

    Cleverly designed to shut out people wanting to enter,…..just another con/scam,

  7. Patrick Sloan says:

    Put my code in and was told its invalid three times, what a waste of time.


    Its clearly illegal under the equalities act 2010 to make entering a competition based on eye sight which excludes over 575 thousand people from entering by nominating the internet as a route to market dilibertly discriminating again blind or severely disabled entries. It goes beyong thought that accessable competition will clearly include this legally protected group.

    Just print the prize in large letters on the inside of the lid like everyone else.

  9. nigel foster says:

    You need to fire your promotion department.!
    BTW: it’s illegal to offer a competition and then make it impossible to
    log in/submit the code.

  10. Joan Brookes says:

    How do I log in? I have answered all the questions, it says click here if you have not receive email, I have done this three times & I still can’t log in

  11. D. Mitchel says:

    What an unbelievably complicated setup. I spent half an hour of wasted time trying to sort it all out and in the end, gave up !! Its enough to put anyone off buying Yeo Valley products—you are advised to consult your marketing advisors with a view to avoiding upsetting customers in future.

    • Di says:

      You’ll need to contact Yeo Valley with any log in issues I’m afraid. I’m not running this promotion and have never had any problems accessing the prize draws on their website.

  12. william harris says:

    I have tried everything and I still cannot find where to enter the code.

  13. Threasea says:

    I don’t know how to sign in to the online one not the birthday give away ???
    Can you help me please can you

  14. Mary Parker says:

    tried to c if I had won a prize withFFRYLMEFECXFFM and could not c where to put this code.
    could I have some help please

  15. Rob says:

    A basic requirement for any competition is to be able to understand how to enter. The information is right here in this blog post, if you can’t be bothered to read it then you don’t deserve to win! (sorry to be harsh but I see this far too often in the comments here, it really is unbelievable).

    • Di says:

      I agree Rob! And that’s why often it can be quite easy to win prizes in competitions – because the majority of people can’t be bothered to enter, and those that do make the effort to enter often don’t manage to enter correctly! The good news is that it means more prizes for those of us that DO read the instructions though! 😉

  16. Janet Shurety says:

    My code on the lid is PTRYCUMEELPKL Cannot see anywhere else to enter

  17. Jane says:

    I think this whole competition is a farce.
    Where do you put code? It’s very confusing – deliberately so that no one wins!
    By the time you’ve messed around with “plastic” cover & split it – the codes small & faint. My 80 yr old mother gave up.

  18. G.McConnell says:

    Where does one find the place to insert the Code for your birthday competition. So far I have looked at your sites and found nothing>

  19. Rita Talbot says:

    Why do you make it difficult to enter Birthday give away.I have tried before with this company.You can never put your code in.Does anyone ever win??????

  20. Richard Ford says:

    I will buy a copy of your book as soon as your giveaway ends and review it too. You need to be rewarded for providing a valuable free service here.

  21. Richard says:

    Thank you for all this. A new world! The Yeo valley scheme is fascinating quite apart from this giveaway. Maybe I will see you at the SHOMO.

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