Yeo Valley Brompton instant win promotion

For their new promotion, Yeo Valley have teamed up with Brompton to give away electric bikes and thousands of £50 Brompton vouchers instantly. Plus, every time you enter, you can choose a free voucher to an outdoor attraction!

Win Brompton Electric Bikes

There are 4,100 prizes available to be won in this promotion – but keep in mind, these prizes are not guaranteed to be won (more on that later):

  • 100 x Brompton Electric Bike
  • 4,000 x £50 voucher to spend on the Brompton website

How to enter the Yeo Valley competition

This promotion is open to entries from the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man – make sure you take part before the closing date of 27 January 2022. 

  • Buy a Yeo Valley product featuring the Brompton bike flash – you can find the promotion on yogurt, creme fraîche, kefir, milk and butter.
  • Look for your unique 14-digit code under the lid, on the label or inside the cardboard packaging. You must enter a code that starts with the letter P from a promotional Brompton pack, as other codes will NOT be valid for this promotion.
  • Enter your details, plus the code, on the Yeo Valley competition website at – or simply scan the QR code, and the code will pop up in the box on the entry form.
  • Tick the box to accept the terms & conditions – signing up to receive further information from Brompton & Yeo Valley is optional, so you can leave those boxes unchecked.
  • You’ll find out instantly if you’ve won a prize and must follow the on screen instructions to claim it.
  • All non-winning entries go into the bonus draw, for a second chance to win a bike.

Yeo Valley Competition Code

About the instant win format

Unfortunately, like last year’s Tesla promotion, the Brompton promotion is the type of algorithmic instant win where the prizes are only ‘available’ to be won. Every code entered has the same chance of winning – eg. if there are 20 million promotional packs, and 4,100 prizes to be won, then only approximately 1 in every 4,878 codes entered will be a winner.  Unlike a winning moment promotion, the time you enter your code will make no difference to your chance of winning a prize in this promotion.

For this type of promotion, it’s usual for less than 5% of consumers to enter their code online – so less than 5 of the 100 bikes are likely to be won instantly. It will be very difficult to win a prize in this promotion! 

More entries = more chances to win in the bonus draw

The bonus draw will have at least one prize of a Brompton Electric Bike – but depending how few bikes are won instantly, it could be that the promoter decides to give more away bikes in this draw. This is a sneaky method some promoters use to make the winners list longer if they’ve only given away a few instant prizes – personally, I think it’s dishonest and misleading!

Each time you enter a new code it will give you more entries in the bonus draw, and for every ten codes entered you’ll get 50 entries in the draw:

  • 1 code = 1 bonus entry
  • 2 codes = 5 bonus entries
  • 3-4 codes = 10 bonus entries
  • 5-9 codes = 20 bonus entries
  • 10+ codes = 50 bonus entries for every 10 codes

Free outdoor attraction voucher with every entry!

Strangely, this extra element of the promotion isn’t even mentioned on the product packaging! Every entry also entitles you to claim a free voucher for an outdoor attraction, including treasure hunts, venue tickets, paddleboard lessons and more. You’ll be able to choose from locations near you on a map and will receive an email with details of your voucher. You’ll receive a single voucher and can only use one per group. This is a generous addition to the main promotion and I was pleased to get a ticket worth £9.95 to Newhaven Fort, somewhere I’ve wanted to visit for ages, for the cost of a 55p yogurt!

Yeo Valley Brompton promo packs

Earn Yeokens with every entry 

As well as the possibility of an instant win, each code you enter also earns you Yeokens, which can be used to enter more prize draws at – log in and scroll down to ‘Win with your Yeokens’ to take part. On the Yeokens hub you can also use your tokens to buy vouchers and products, or donate them to raise cash for charity.

Yeo Valley are keen to get people trying their full range, so each time you enter a code from a different product type you’ll earn 50 bonus Yeokens – and if you manage to enter a code from all ten of these products, you’ll earn a bonus 500 Yeokens (note that not all these products are valid purchases for the Brompton promotion!)

  • Yogurt
  • Super Thick Yogurt
  • Kefir
  • Milk
  • Butter and Spreadable
  • Cream and Crème Fraiche
  • Cheese
  • Ice Cream and Frozen Kefir
  • Compote
  • Little Yeos

For more information about this competition, check the FAQs and T&Cs at

If you have any problems entering your code, email and they will try to help.

Don’t forget to check the full Compers Shopping List for more current purchase necessary promotions you can entermost of these will give you a much higher chance of winning a prize than this one!

7 Responses

  1. Grace Pendleton says:

    Purchased Yeo valley yoghurt 10 February 2022 with competition details only to find out the competition closed in January.

    • Di says:

      I noticed the packs were out in the shops for a long time after the closing date – usually you would expect a ‘late entry’ prize draw but this has been a very disappointing promotion.

  2. J Sanders says:

    I remember trying to enter my special code before and failing. So now I’m trying again and failing, I shan’t bother any more. I fear this is just a stitch-up to get my e-mail address, sell it on to other businesses and just bombard me with e-mails, probably of little value. I don’t know why I felt that Yeo Valley would be authentic but, sadly, it is the same as all the other pointless excercises.

  3. Vic says:

    Yeo tokens have to be one of silliest and most worthless promos available.

  4. Chris says:

    The odds to win on this really are super slim, but I guess it’s worth a shot.

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