Your favourite 2020 prizes!

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  1. KelleyP says:

    I wasn’t wrong, I’ve had 3 small wins, followed by an email today from O2 Priority Plant a Tree draw, to say a tree has been planted in my name, this is a lovely prize for me and the environment. My small wins included an Uncle Ben’s rice pouch voucher and 20% off from the M & Ms competitions, at 4am, something woke me up!! I’ve also looked at the video of the SuperLucky Live event, which has given me lots of ideas and inspiration. Thank you to Di and fellow compers!!

  2. KelleyP says:

    Congratulations to all the winners for some amazing prizes and the happiness it’s clearly brought in these horrible times. I 100% agree with LotPot3 about having an overpowering feeling I was going to win, when I won a trip to New York in 2020. I can’t explain it.
    Luckily the prize organisers have extended the time to book the trip and I’m hoping my husband and I will be able to go in 2022!! I’ve got a feeling I’m going to win something today, albeit it may be just a positive feeling following on from “Blue Monday” yesterday. Good luck to fellow compers for 2021 and a big thanks again to Di for her fantastic blog.

  3. Andrea Goodheart says:

    How inspirational! Such amazing prizes!

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