You’re having a laugh!

Comping is a fun hobby – and it’s great when you’re brave enough to do something daft for a prize. This week’s winners all had a LOT of fun entering competitions – enjoy their stories!

I was crying with laughter when Rebecca’s email arrived my inbox – a classic bit of #ExtremeComping!

“I decided to kick off 2017 with a bang! I entered Pizza Hut’s competition to turn up on New Year’s Day and order a pizza in a pepperoni onesie. I didn’t have one – so I decided I would make my own! It consisted of my very fetching leopard print onesie with 25 packets of pepperoni sellotaped to it. Well, technically it was now a ‘pepperoni onesie’! I took a pic and tweeted it to Pizza Hut. They loved it and put it out on all their social media profiles. I’m happy to say I won the £100 gift voucher – but I have to admit I soon got fed up of the amount of pepperoni I had to eat!”

Melanie found a really unusual competition to enter… with the cutest photo ever!

“My favourite prize this year was a guinea pig Oliver Twist book from the Dickens Museum. The competition brief was to tweet a picture of your pet in some form of Dickensian dress, with the hashtag #dressupdickens. I made tiny top hats for my guinea pigs and took a Victorian style photo of them with some Dickens novels! It was my first Twitter win as well, which made it extra special. A small prize, but lots of fun – there were 10 prizes and not many entrants so I knew I stood a good chance of winning, but it was still nice to win!”

Sarah strutted her way to a prize with Nectar…

“My best prize last year was winning Nectar’s 10 second strut video competition on Instagram. I enjoyed doing the video and being a lover of penguins decided to line them up along the stairs as my audience. The prize was £500 Asos vouchers!”

Nikki went turtley crazy to win an Italian trip…

“Last year I had been lucky enough to win a stay in York in a luxury lodge in an effort competition, however as we’re a family of 7 and the lodge was only for 4 I set out to win another holiday that I could take our older kids on. After a quick browse on the effort section of PrizeFinder I found a competition to win a VIP family trip to Rome. You had to go to your local Cineworld and take a picture with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cut out or statue in the foyers. Our local branch only had a poster, so we drove for an hour to find the next Cineworld that did! I throughly read the terms and conditions and realised to win I would need to be interacting with the turtles instead of just posing with them. I went armed with a homemade TMNT costume, a pizza box and a cardboard pizza prop left over from the Chicago Town video competition! There were just under 90 entries in total, and only a handful were dressed up. The closing date came and went and I assumed someone else had won, then out of the blue I had a notification that Cineworld had followed me on twitter. A few moments later I had a Congratulations message! I was thrilled to win and the older kids are really looking forward to their trip to Rome…”

Amy set up a brilliant trick shot with help from her son..

“Back in August I came second in the Euroffice #ReadyForRio competition. The £50 win wasn’t my biggest win of the year but I was really pleased because of the effort I put into my entry. You had take a photo showing how you were getting ready for Rio and I spent a great deal of time trying to get the angle right which was made even harder by my stroppy 8 year old son who didn’t want to do it, and my toddler running around in shot!”

Such brilliant efforts! Do you like to have fun with your comping? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Mary says:

    These are great!

  2. haha, love perspective pictures, always something i do when going on holiday!

  3. rebecca beesley says:

    what brilliantly creative entries! x

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