Contestant calls for UK gameshows

Have you considered going on a UK gameshow or quiz show?

It’s a fun way to compete to win a cash prize, and there are always plenty of opportunities to apply. It’s not all about being a general knowledge buff either – there are TV gameshows for sporty types, musical types and family groups too.

This post lists current UK gameshows that are looking for contestants, with details of how to apply. Usually this will be via an online application form, with a number of questions related to your education, career, hobbies, quirky stories and details of any previous appearances.

If you’re a little nervous about applying, please have a read of my popular post Top tips to get on a TV gameshow for lots of advice on your application, audition and filming the show. I’ve appeared on eight TV game shows and it’s such a unique, brilliant experience even if you don’t win. I highly recommend having a go!

It’s recommended you apply as soon as possible for these shows – the researchers start contacting and shortlisting prospective contestants as soon as applications open, so you have a better chance of getting on if you apply early rather than the last minute!

Contestants are wanted for these UK gameshows:

Apply for the 1% Club

Lee Mack is hosting a brand new series of The 1% Club. Would you like to be a contestant and find out if you are a 90% player or can go all the way to the 1% question and win up to £100,000. ITV are looking for people of all abilities to be part of our 100 players. Apply at – the closing date is 4 October 2024.

Apply for Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

Have you got the brainpower? Are you the Fastest Finger? Can you cope with the pressure? Will you make it to £1Million?

If you would like the chance to sit opposite Jeremy in the world-famous Hotseat apply now and you could be just 15 questions away from becoming a Millionaire! Apply on the ITV website – applications close on 15 November 2024.

Apply for other UK gameshows

You will also see regular contestant calls for these established quiz shows:

And the Star Now site is a good resource for game show pilots, which are often filmed in London (you will usually be reimbursed for travel and your time)

Seen a contestant call? Leave the details as a comment – I’ll be keeping this post updated with current information!

Enjoyed this post? Also check out my top tips: Get on a TV Gameshow and check out my blog post about my own game show experiences, what’s it like on Tipping Point and what it’s like on Winning Combination.

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125 Responses

  1. Nick R says:

    Hi — I think the link for WWTBAM is wrong as it’s showing as closed. Changing the 9 to 10 at the end of the link gets you to the correct entry form.


  2. Mandy says:

    Submitted my application for Deal or No Deal!

  3. Jayne Jones says:

    Get me on a show now. I haven’t got a penny to scratch my you know what with ;D

  4. Hi id love to try and get on deal or no deal as i couldnt go on a show where i needed to answer questions im a bit of a gambler and would love to try to go all the way ,im not lu ky at all but its a game of chance thank you

  5. Pokemerald says:

    I enjoy watching game shows, but I’m not sure I’d have the guts to be on one.

  6. Keith says:

    I have an old email address for Impossible [from 2018] as I can’t find any recent Facebook page or webpage for the show.Are they recruiting contestants now?…it would be an absolutely ideal show for me.

  7. Kenny Watt says:

    ITV website has an ad for Jeopardy hosted by Stephen Fry. I’ve just applied. BTW did you apply for Moneybags after I posted it? I managed to get on and won £4100

    • Di says:

      Thanks Kenny – I’ve just updated the post with all the newest shows! I forgot to apply for Moneybags!

  8. Linda Hope says:

    Can I apply for Bridge of Lies

  9. Laura says:

    How can I apply for catchphrase?

  10. Great information. Thanks.

  11. Margaret Taylor says:

    I would love to go on tipping point but I don’t have an email, can I still get on.

  12. Naomi S says:

    Rise and Fall. Not sure of the closing date with this one. But filming takes place in March 2023 for 3 weeks. (So I would perhaps guess at end of January to apply)? You must be available for the duration. This is some details about 5he show. Wish I had seen this before i applied, not knowing anything about the show!

  13. Naomi says:

    Hi Di,

    This is the link to apply for “rise and fall”

  14. happyroms says:

    I like to watch gameshows but I probably don’t intend to participate.

  15. Chloe says:

    Is Catchphrase running any new series?
    I would absolutely LOVE to go on
    There ❤️

  16. Amilia says:

    I always Found your writings very informative.Keep writing this type of articles.Best of luck

  17. Hi Di, I really enjoyed reading your article about Tipping Point! Could you let me know when applications open for the next batch? I couldn’t find anything on the internet about the application. Thank you!

  18. Sherrie Johnson says:

    Is there any quizzes for children? My son is 12 and would love to do a quiz show

    • Di says:

      Crackerjack is the only recent game/quiz show I can think of for 10-12 year olds, but I don’t think it’s coming back for a new season.

  19. Shelli Smith says:

    Do you know anything about logging into Catchprhase? It has been my dream since childhood! I sent an email to the address I could get and received an automatic reply saying the auditions were closed, but it refers to October 2017. As there is a series currently available it sounds like that is over, but I can’t figure out how to find another way. !

  20. Maralyn Smith says:

    When ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ started I applied by phone, getting the question right etc., and was invited to go on the show. When they found out that I used crutches to get around I was told that they would carry me to my seat!! How humiliating that would have been and I’ve never forgotten the disappointment of being rejected because of my disability. I should have taken it further and I’ve never watched the programme since as I was disgusted with their attitude towards me.

  21. John Kerr says:

    Is Catchphrase not looking contestants yet? I have been looking to get on the show since I was 9 years old.

  22. Lucy says:


    A brand-new travel and adventure quiz show is casting pairs of contestants who know each other (related or non-related) to take part and navigate themselves around the entire world in a game show that could win you a life changing amount of money.

    This amazing adventure is open to everyone over 18. The final pairs will be given the opportunity to not only travel the world but also win an extraordinary amount of money that could change your lives.

    This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

    Don’t miss out! Apply now:

    *Please note only successful applicants will be contacted for a phone interview

    Applicants must be 18 years or over. Terms and Conditions apply.

    • Di says:

      This sounds great Lucy – I’ve added to the post. Does the show have a name yet?

      • Lucy says:

        Great – thanks Di! We are currently not permitted to announce the name of the streamer or the title of the series but it has been commissioned by a major global entertainment streaming service…

  23. Andy Higgins says:

    Anyone when catchphrase will be taking applicants again please?

    • Tom says:

      I’ve been on and off checking for three years and still haven’t found anything 🙁

      • Clint says:

        Last I saw was 2017, missed the deadline and have been kicking myself since.. not that I’d have gotten on but I love the show, reckon I’d do pretty well too.

        • Rebecca Heathcote says:

          They seem to be doing alot of celebrity catchphrase and none with normal folks! I’ve been searching for past 2 years I applied in 2017 but was not successful

  24. Clint says:

    Just had a call back from Beat the Chasers, fingers crossed I get picked for interview!

  25. Naomi says:

    Hi Di,

    Eggheads are accepting applications for series 22. Closing date 15th April.

  26. Suzanne Hooley says:

    I am waiting and hoping

  27. Andy M says:

    I tried for years to get on a game show and have been on 2 in a year!!! Last year I was on The Wall series 1 Episode 2 and more recently just finished filming a new show due on in the new year!! For all you guys trying to get on, don’t give up!! It is worth it in the end as it is such a wonderful experience!! Keep trying

  28. Gavin Persand says:

    Hi Di. What is the best site to find when Catchphrase auditions are. I am desperate to be on that.

  29. Anthony says:

    I just want to go a game show ,I can never get picked

  30. Caroline says:

    Hi Di, can i just get your opinion on something, i applied for rolling in it in the summer…the applications closed, I didn’t hear anything. I can see that they are now open again and asking for applicants, should I apply again? or will they still have my details and should i just accept they didnt like me ;-)….love to hear your thoughts. Thank you!

    • Di says:

      It could be just that they haven’t been able to move forward because of Covid. I wouldn’t put in a second application as they will definitely have your first form!

  31. David Meadows says:

    Hi Di, what would be the best show that doesn’t involve quizzes to apply for, as a 27 year old male, I would love to go on a show, many thanks

    • Di says:

      Good question! I’m not a general knowledge fan myself either, I prefer something a bit more fun like Catchphrase or Family Fortunes & Blankety Blank! There are a lot of new gameshows coming out, when you read the contestant calls they should say whether you need to have general knowledge or not! Generallty look for GAME SHOW rather than QUIZ SHOW in the text.
      Currently I think Bank Balance won’t be too quiz-based, and there’s also rolling in it –

  32. Kirsti Peters says:

    I have applied for quite a few gameshows in the past (nothing for the last couple of years tho) but never been contacted. I have no idea where I’m going wrong, but I was actually wondering is if the fact that I’m not working making me somehow not eligible. I’m not working due to long term illness and I do make this clear and also make clear that I don’t need anything special put in place.

    • Pat Wilson says:

      I have applied for tipping point for the last 4 years, eagerly awaiting fir applications to open to try again., Had 3 auditions and this year i got a call to say i had a slot and was given the date. I was sooo excited especially after such an awful depressing year. I made arangenents to travel down and decided we would go on after the show a bit further down south( as we had travelled so far) to have a couple of days holiday. Booked to have hair and nails done, bought sime new outfits. When I hadnt had details 3 days before I rang and was told I hadnt been picked. I was tottally gutted and felt so deflated . They had only rung to see if I was available, not explaining it may not happen. I think its a terrible way to treat people and have list all interest in the show. There really is no need to make sure your just available made me feel so worthless. So It does make you wonder what exactly they want, obviously not welsh middle aged ladies either .

      • Di says:

        Pat, this is really disappointing and I agree that with some shows they’re not clear at all about what’s definite and what’s not. Did they suggest there was any chance of you getting on the next series?

        • Pat Wilson says:

          Hi Di I did speak to someone at production who was very nice and sympsthetic and said they were still filming for another week or so and i could still get a call, but i didnt and last calls went out last Friday. He did say he may be able to put me forward for next year but i dont tbink it will happen, if im not good enough this year I dont believe i will be put forward for next year and I certainly will not apply again to go through it all again.

  33. Dave Selvey says:

    Can you please let me know when they are sending out Applications for Gino De Campo’s next series of ‘Family Fortunes’ please?

    • Di says:

      Applications only closed in August for the new series Dave, so it will probably be next summer at the earliest I’m afraid!

      • Dave worthington says:

        Hi, when will they be taking applications for catchphrase please

        • Di says:

          I believe they recorded a new series of Catchphrase this summer Dave, so it won’t be for at leat a year or two I would guess.

          • Clinton says:

            I missed applying to catchphrase in 2017 and have since not seen it go live for more applicants.. love the show so much and I think it’s the only one I have a good chance of winning! Such a shame I’ve appeared to have missed out again.. I’m always checking if it’s available to apply..! Kinda wish they’d stop all the celebrity editions!

  34. Gin says:

    Hi Di, really enjoyed reading your article about Tipping Point! Could you let me know when applications open for the next series? Can’t seem to find anything online about applying. Thank you!

    • Di says:

      Ah, you’ve just missed the applications window! It closed a month or two ago for the next series. As soon as I see the contestant call I do add it to this post, so just keep checking back!

  35. Naomi says:

    Awww good luck to your son! I hope he does well. Great advice you’ve given him. Everything crossed.

  36. Caroline Gooding says:

    ahhh my son has his TV show audition tomorrow for crackerjack…bless him, I’ve made sure he knows the chances of getting picked are very low and he just needs to be chatty to the lets see how that one goes! although i think if he gets through somehow it might end up with me getting slimed!!! so fingers crossed he wont ;-)…

  37. Alexandra Smith says:

    Never knew we’re to look to apply for quiz show before

  38. Gianluca says:

    I’ve applied for Family Fortunes and Supermarket Sweep and now I’m playing the waiting game. No idea when I’ll hear back from the casting teams due to the current situations. When Catchphrase announced that they were back in the studio filming celebrity specials, they also left a comment on their post telling everyone to keep an eye out on their Facebook page as that is where we will find out when applications open! So maybe they might be casting soon, they haven’t had applications open since 2014 and 2017 so maybe every three years they give the public a chance?

  39. Nuala Slim says:

    I’d love to know when Catchphrase are auditioning! I’d absolutely love to go on it!

  40. Tom says:

    Hi Di,
    Any idea why catchphrase hasn’t auditioned for multiple years?? It’s very strange indeed!

  41. Caroline says:

    Yikkeess! Just had an interview for the new game show from mentioned above! Thanks Di! Now I’m scared!! Hahaha did anyone else apply???

    • Di says:

      Good luck Caz! I’ve got a Zoom audition for Winning Combination next week – should be interesting!

      • Caz says:

        ohh good luck to that too Di! Yes mine was a zoom audition too…wasn’t half as bad as i was dreading as my work is all zoom now so just pretended it was a work call…until my kids interrupted asking why im talking about ant and dec and The Chase…hahahaha…now its just a long wait…

      • Mike llewellyn says:

        Did u get chosen for winning combination

  42. Naomi says:

    Hi Di, Just wanted to let you know that the closing date for Impossible is currently showing open until 20th March currently.

  43. Nathan clark says:

    Hi, me and my 4 friends have been called by ITV regarding an appearance on Tenable, can you tell me what will be the next stage of application after this (we’ve all had 15 minute conversations)

  44. Mike says:

    Had a phone call from tipping point after completed application form had generalchat about my form done the general kno2wledge test said I did well will ring you back in 2-3 weeks to see about getting me on show 5 weeks now should I chase it up or sit and wait

    • Di says:

      If they didn’t call back to invite you to an audition I don’t think you’ve been successful this time Mike.

  45. China Winfield says:

    Any update on catchphrase auditions?

    • Di says:

      There’s no series planned at the moment! They only record once a year, so it’s likely to be advertised later in Spring.

  46. Theresa Cooke says:

    got a call back for an audition but working in a school, its hard to get time off. so i didn’t pursue it unfortunately.

  47. Liz Crawley says:

    Can you let me know when tipping point application opens…

  48. China says:


    i was wondering where i would go to apply to be on catchphrase? I have searched for a whole year and cannot find anywhere or any information?

    • Di says:

      Catchphrase isn’t recruiting at the moment! When a new gameshow series is planned, applications will only open for a month or two and I add the links to this post.

  49. ged mclaughlan says:

    ite/ link where you can apply for Tipping Point? I can’t seem to find one anywhere? I’d LOVE to get on it if possible! Even just to fill in an application form!

  50. Rebecca Woods says:


    I was wondering if there is a specific site/ link where you can apply for Tipping Point? I can’t seem to find one anywhere? I’d LOVE to get on it if possible! Even just to fill in an application form!

  51. Stephen Chatterton says:

    Just come across this and wanted to express my thoughts on the utter unprofessional shown by the tipping point casting crew. Having been through the auditions I reserved a call asking more questions, at the end of this further interview I was told I would be a show mid may ,they would ensure everything was sorted transport etc so I was nice an relaxed prior to the days filming.i was given the date and told to expert a calla few days before to finalise the arrangements. Very excited I then booked two days off work, as filming was to be starting 830in Bristol and awaitined the call….. which never came. Besides the obvious disappointment, and frustration of the call that never came . It cost me two days pay and water holiday time.
    The numbe three ring from doesn’t go anywhere and you have no come back after all the expense of taking a day of to go to auditions in the first place. Is there a one to complain to ,it was a few months ago now but I still riles me.

  52. Naomi S says:

    ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’ are currently accepting applications until the end of October, with the interviews taking place during November and December.

  53. Jenna collins says:

    I love watching tipping point and think I would really enjoy taking part and testing my knowledge.
    I’m now a stay at home mum who just took a break from a 13 year career in bar management but after my I was attacked in work last year in April 2018 I took a dip in my life and changed my path but deep down I wanted more time with my my little girl of 7. I had already missed out on so much and because I but amazing effort into every task I’ve undertaken I was taken advantage of my efforts and expected to be around 24/7 because I’ve always showed greatly work ethics and leadership.
    Now I have lots of free time I need some hobbies to get me off the sofa but quiz shows seem to be what I wait for as I love trying to train my brain.

  54. Pat says:

    Hi Di sooo disappointed with myself jush had audition for tipping point was so excited, read your advice but i got nervous when i had to talk about myself and didnt say anything about my hobbies and working in a animal rescue center just waffled and could kick myself now everything i planned i forgot . So i know i wont get on . Thanks for the advice x

    • Di says:

      Oh don’t worry Pat – you never know, you may still get an email. And just think, you’ll be more prepared next time having done it once. Make sure you apply again!

      • Pat says:

        Thank you dont think i could go through it again its made me so depressed its unreal. Not getting through i could handle but the fact i blew it myself really hurts its almost luke someone else took over and didnt say what i had planned thst must sound so stupid lol x

        • the tango doll! says:

          For what it’s worth Pat, I fluffed my audition for Tipping Point too. This was about 4 years ago. I’m just watching the show now and am going to have a go again. This time, I know what to expect. I think you should try again after 6 months maybe? Good luck!

          • the tango doll! says:

            Forgot to say, great web site. Without you, I may not have reapplied for Tipping Point!

  55. Michelle Carson says:

    Hi, been reading your blogs, great tips!! I’ve an audition for Tipping point tomorrow in Belfast…over got a smart but casual outfit…just wondering should I get my hair, nails and make up done…would it improve my chances of passing audition ?

    • Di says:

      Good luck! I wouldn’t go overboard for the audition; they are keen to see people acting naturally. Although wearing something to make you memorable might be an idea!

  56. Claire Goldingsmith says:

    Bring back family fortunes for non celebs

  57. Rachel Baber says:

    I’ve been on Pointless and Wheel of Fortune. Not sure I have the confidence now to apply for any!

  58. Megan Kinsey says:

    Do you know anything about getting on to Catchprhase? It’s been my dream since childhood! I emailed the address I could find and got an automated response saying auditions had closed, but it referred to October 2017. As there’s a series currently on it sounds like that’s out of date, but I can’t figure out how else to find out!

  59. Sarah says:

    I’d love to have wheel of fortune back on the tv! …..and get the opportunity to participate!

  60. Heather levene says:

    I love to come on 100k drop please ias i live the show so much please help me with this thank you!

  61. Andy says:

    If you been a bad boy or girl, am I right in saying its impossible to take part due to a chance of bad publicity?

    • Di says:

      Usually at an audition they will ask you if you’ve appeared in the press on camera – and you’ll usually have to sign contracts that ask you about criminal records, etc. And if you get as far as the shortlist they might Google your name too – I’ve lost out on a few shows because they’ve googled me and realised I’ve given out game show tips on my blog!

  62. Maggie Hodges says:

    Very imformative

  63. Andrew Cahill says:

    Why not bring back it’s a knockout

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