Setting up a prize spreadsheet

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  1. Katrina Adams says:

    Hi Di,

    Fantastic organisation. I have multiple spreadsheets, rather than having it all on one but I think I prefer your way so I’m going to have a fiddle round and change them. Can I ask what the colour coding is for in the purchase one?

    • Di says:

      Yellow = must enter this one!
      Green = have entered already but would like to enter again as multiple entries allowed!

  2. Mei says:

    Thanks for the spreadsheet! I note you put your Lidl Cineworld vouchers expiring end of March, mine says end of Feb? I would like longer too 🙂

    • Di says:

      Oops, I misread the date! Yes, mine are end of Feb too. Very soon!

      • Mei Suen says:

        Yes, very soon! Hope the Unlimited card/code comes soon. Then both my husband with the vouchers, and I can go together until end of Feb. He was not lucky enough to win Unlimited. I saw 94 free films last year! One year I saw 132, including 26 premieres and 7 Gala Screenings! Those were the days, not many premiere comps these days 🙂 Only managed 7 premieres/galas last year.

  3. Di says:

    Thanks Maggie – hope you’re well! x

  4. Di says:

    Good luck to you too Jo!

  5. Suzie Wilder says:

    Amazing!!! Great start to the New Year!!! I’m still waiting for lift off!

  6. Hope you have some goodies to add to your spreadsheet soon!

  7. Good luck Lisa!

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