What’s the chance of finding a white Creme Egg?

White Creme Eggs are here – and everyone’s talking about them! The problem is, there’s only a few hundred in existence, and you’ll need to be very lucky to get hold of one.

So where exactly are the eggs hiding? Rather than being sent out from the factory tucked in amongst the regular Creme Eggs, Cadbury have enlisted the help of PromoVeritas to place white Creme Eggs directly onto the shelves of supermarkets and convenience stores around the UK. The benefit of this is that it’s very likely the eggs will be discovered, and if you find one, you can claim a cash prize – it might even be £2000!

Find a Cadbury White Creme Egg - win a cash prize!

Photo: Cadbury

Where to hunt for white creme eggs

The winning eggs will only be found at shops that are advertising the promotion – so don’t buy from elsewhere! If you find a white creme egg, there’s a voucher under the wrapper and you’ll need to call a number to validate your win. You will have to answer a series of questions including the unique code on the wrapper, the shop and the location.

The eggs will be distributed weekly over a 13 week period (ending at the beginning of April) to these UK stores:

  • Tesco – 7 x £1000 eggs, 84 x £100 eggs
  • Sainsbury’s – 14 x £1000 eggs, 84 x £100 eggs
  • Co-op – 1 x £2000 egg, 90 x £200 eggs
  • Independent retailers – 13 x £1000 eggs, 78 x £100 eggs

…so there will only be approximately 28 eggs distributed nationwide each week! There is a big problem though – a bit like the Walkers cash promotion last year, people are already getting a bit over egg-cited and ripping the wrappers off in a Willy Wonka style frenzy, which will leave retailers in a messy situation!

To be honest though, there’s a tiny chance of winning this promotion as hundreds of thousands of Creme Eggs are bought each year in the UK. It’s all about being in the right place at the right time. But if you do happen to be in a shop and see someone suspiciously putting a Creme Egg ONTO a shelf instead of taking one off, then you should definitely buy it…

According to the terms and conditions, the winning eggs have a prize voucher tucked under the wrapper – and of course, the Creme Egg foil is very thin so I would imagine this would feel slightly different to a regular egg – so you might want to discreetly pick up a few before choosing the egg you buy…

UPDATE! Apparently the winning eggs have ‘White Chocolate’ as an ingredient on the wrapper – so you’ll be able to tell if you have one just by checking the ingredients list. See the Metro video below…

This promotion is open to UK residents aged 16 and over and you must claim your prize before 1st May 2018 – you can find all the details and the T&Cs on the Cadbury website.

If you don’t fancy rummaging for a limited edition egg on the shelves, pop over to the Creme Egg Facebook page – where they’re giving a hundred away (closes 9th January!).

Good luck with your egg hunt!

6 Responses

  1. Kristine says:

    Can you believe – I saw one the other day laying around in a shop! I had no idea about this promotion at the time.

    • Di says:

      Seriously? Oh nooooo! This promotion was all over the news when it started, I thought everyone knew!

  2. Nice Swan says:

    Based on last year’s sales figures, the odds of finding one are 897,574 to 1.

  3. Allie says:

    Sounds like it’s going to be in the big urban areas. If someone finds one in a tiny town or village I’d be surprised. Highly unlikely to find one where I live 🙁

  4. clara brown says:

    I just read that the list of ingredients will say contains white chocolate not contains milk chocolate as usual.

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