How to enter Make Me A Winner for free

Note: Make Me A Winner is currently NOT running because Cash Register is live until 30 August 2024.

Similar to Cash Register, Bauer Media’s Make Me A Winner is another massive cash giveaway that runs across multiple UK radio stations, including Absolute, KISS, Magic, Planet Rock, Free Radio, Gem, Greatest Hits Radio, Hits Radio, Hallam FM, Metro Radio, Pulse 1, Radio City, Rock FM, Signal 1, TFM, The Wave, Viking FM, Wave 105, Lincs FM and Pirate FM. The daily prizes can reach as high as £100,000 – but you’ll only win if you answer your phone with the phrase ‘Make Me A Winner!’

Millions of pounds has been given away on Make Me A Winner and people genuinely do win with FREE entries – I’ve heard from three SuperLucky followers who have won in the last few months! Like Cash Register, the entry methods have recently changed and instead of free online entry you can make a standard rate phone call, which is free for most mobile phone users. Officially you can call up to 20 times every day, but sometimes this limit is higher!

Paid text entry to Make Me A Winner costs £2 plus standard network rate (so around £2.15 per entry). Or you can enter online – this also costs £2 for a single entry, but the cost per entry reduces if you pay for multiple entries. But PLEASE don’t waste your money doing this – read on to find out how you can enter for free by making a phone call!

Do people really win with free entries?

Yes they do! Winners are selected completely at random from all entries, regardless of whether someone paid to enter. There will always be thousands of people who pay to enter as the £2 text entry is the method that’s widely advertised on air, and much easier to do – so the prize fund still stays high. And of course, if you’re not a regular comper then you probably won’t be reading T&Cs to find the details of free entry methods, so not everyone knows about the freebie entry route. I’ve been contacted by four SuperLucky readers who won £158,000, £125,000, £94,000 and £52,000 on Make Me a Winner since October 2023, using the FREE phone entry route!

How can I enter Make Me A Winner for free?

Rather than sending a text message, or paying to enter online, you should chose the phone option. You can call any of these numbers, each one is for a different participating radio station.

  • 0330 880 4541 (Main number, advertised on Hits Radio & multiple local stations)
  • 0330 880 4594 (Absolute Radio)
  • 0330 880 4608 (Kiss)
  • 0330 880 4615 (Magic)
  • 0330 880 4629 (Planet Rock)
  • 0330 880 4557 (Greatest Hits Radio)
  • 0330 880 4523
  • 0330 880 4531
  • 0330 880 4682

The phone call is standard rate – if you have a mobile contract or Pay Monthly bundle that has inclusive minutes, this call should be completely FREE. If you use Pay-As-You-Go then the call may NOT be free, so please check your balance before and after the call to see how much money it costs you.

When you call, an automated response will repeat your mobile phone number back and you must confirm it is correct by pressing number 1 on your keypad (if you press number 2, the call will end and you will NOT be entered into the prize draw). Once you have done this, you can hang up – it takes around 40 seconds to call. Then redial!

Sometimes you may not be able to access the phone lines – this is temporary and common just before the closing time but you could try turning your phone off and on again before redialing!

Is there a shortcut to confirming my number?

On a phone, including a comma in a phone number adds a 2-second pause. If you copy the below number and create a new contact, dialling this number will do the number 1 key press automatically at the prompt (this works for iPhone and Android phones).

  • +44 330 880 4541,,,,,,,,,,,,1)

When should I enter Make Me A Winner?

You can enter Make Me A Winner at any time between 3.10pm and 3.00pm the following day. For Monday’s draw, entry opens at 3.10pm on a Friday and ends at 3pm Monday. Winners aren’t chosen on Bank Holidays, so you can enter over the Bank Holiday weekend but the draw won’t take place until Tuesday after 3pm. When Make Me A Winner first starts again after a break, entries open at 6am on the first day.

How many times can I enter Make Me A Winner?

In July 2024, T&Cs state you can currently call the phone line 20 times a day. Text entries are limited to 8 per day, and online entries are limited to 5 a day. However, Bauer confirmed in December 2023 that entry limits are subject to change, so you can continue to call beyond the limit until the computer informs you that you’ve reached your limit! You can enter via multiple methods, so could get 33 entries a day if you wanted to pay in addition to your free phone calls (but this is not recommended as it will cost you a fortune).

How do I find out the prize cash amount?

The Make Me A Winner amount changes daily, and it’s always more than the previous day – it will be regularly announced on all participating Bauer radio stations and also on the official MMAW Facebook page. Remember though, this isn’t Cash Register – you do NOT need to know the amount in order to win it!

How and when do they choose the winner?

The winning entry is chosen at random from all combined paid and free entries, after the lines close at 3pm. Bauer will have the mobile number and exact time of the winning entry, and will let the winner know which of their entries won.

What number do they call winners from?

It’s not known which number they call from, as it will show as ‘witheld number’, ‘unknown number’ or ‘no caller ID’ on the incoming call. So if you miss a call at 3.08pm from a visible number, don’t worry – it definitely wasn’t a Cash Register or Make Me A Winner call!

If you’re wondering why they don’t have a visible number, imagine how disappointed a potential winner would be to call the number back, realise it was Bauer Radio and they’d just lost out on winning £100,000. Where possible, a promoter has to avoid disappointing competition entrants! This is also why for other competitions, a lot of promoters do NOT leave a voicemail for winners – this could be disappointing if the voicemail was picked up too late for the winner to claim the prize. Instead, the promoter will continue to try calling, to speak to the winner instead. This is what Bauer do for their other big cash prize draws – if they get no answer, they will continue to try calling the winner for 14 days. And this is why if you enter competitions you should ALWAYS answer a call from an unknown number.

What time do they call winners?

The winning Make Me A Winner call is made just after 3pm, usually at 3.07pm or 3.08pm. The winning call is recorded, edited and played on air around 30 minutes later. I have a 3pm weekday alarm labelled ‘Make Me A Winner’ set on my iPhone just as a reminder to be on full alert in case the phone rings!

Do I need to say ‘Make Me A Winner’ as soon as I answer the phone?

Yes you must answer the phone within five rings and say the correct phrase ‘Make Me A Winner’ immediately (although they do allow you five seconds to start saying this). The presenter will not speak to you until you say something. Unlike Cash Register, you will NOT be asked the prize cash amount!

What happens if I miss the call?

You have 5 rings to pick up the call – if you don’t answer correctly in that time, you’ve missed out and the money will not be won that day.

What is a Make Me A Winner rollover?

If the phone is not answered within 5 rings, or the chosen winner does not answer with ‘Make Me A Winner’, there will be no winner and all entries from that day will be entered again into the following day’s prize draw, along with all entries from previous days where no winner was declared. This can happen multiple times! The unclaimed money is NOT added to the next day’s total, but the next day’s total will always be larger than the previous day.

What happens when they have a guaranteed winner?

Sometimes there will be a day or a week where they guarantee a daily winner. So if the first caller doesn’t answer their phone, or answers with ‘Hello’, they will move on and call another winner – until they get someone answering with ‘Make Me A Winner!’

When does Make Me A Winner end?

Make Me A Winner usually runs for a month or two, but the T&Cs are updated on a week-by-week basis so a final ending date is not usually confirmed in advance. When it ends, a one-off big jackpot giveaway or another daily cash giveaway like Cash Register will take its place.

What happens if I win Make Me A Winner?

After the initial phone call, winners will receive a second phone call to confirm their identity, and to check they have not won a prize valued at £500 or more from Bauer within the previous six months. They will be put through to the accounts department to give their bank details. They will receive an email confirmation of the win, and may be asked for a photograph or to do on air interviews. To confirm identity, photo ID and proof of address will also be requested. Once everything is validated, the money will usually be transferred into the winner’s bank account within a week or two. Sometimes they will have a special promotion where the winner will receive the money in their account on the same day they won!

Where can I see full terms & conditions?

Full terms and conditions for Make Me A Winner are on the Planet Radio website.

Other helpful information

  • Make Me A Winner is only open to UK residents aged 18 and older
  • If you have won £500 or more in any Bauer Media Competition over the past 6 months you are not eligible to win. So if you’ve won a big prize on one of the radio stations listed above recently, do not risk entering until your 6 month ‘ban’ is up!

Have you won Make Me A Winner with free entries? I love to hear winners’ stories so please tell me in the comments, or send me an email if you prefer!

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233 Responses

  1. Jim says:

    Hello Di, the Standard Network Rate (SNR) has gone up a bit, at least with my own phone network. So now, each £2 text costs £2.20, not £2.15. I’m not sure if this applies to all the networks…

    • Di says:

      Thanks Jim – what phone network are you on? I’ll put a shoutout in Lucky Learners and see what everyone is paying now!

  2. hannah says:

    I called the number ending in 4682 five times and it said maximum entries for this competition. Tried every number on there and they all say user busy when I call!

    • Jim says:

      Hi Hannah, if you get a “You have reached your maximum entries” message, it means exactly that. Currently, for the £200,000 draw you can enter 50 times. You only get the message once, and after that, all the lines will give an engaged signal when you call.

  3. Jim says:

    This is interesting! Rob, who runs the Comp Corner group on Facebook, has just publushed the MMAW prize amounts for each day of next week (starting Monday 15th July)! I didn’t know they planned the prize amounts in advance!

    Next week’s amounts leaked…
    M: £160,000
    T: £170,000
    W: £180,000
    T: £190,000
    F: £200,000

  4. Doug says:

    Can someone link me to the competition’s T&Cs, because I am confused as to how many times I can enter. On GHR’s website, it says 60 entries maximum (that is NOT 60 per day). On Planet Radio’s website, it says maximum amount of entries is 20 (NOT 20 a day). Can someone confirm, please. Thanks.

  5. Emma Spencer says:

    Can the call come through to my phone if my number is on the TPS register?

    • Di says:

      Yes, the caller isn’t a telemarketer so that’s OK! By entering you’re opting in to receive a call from them if you win.

  6. Deborah says:

    These comments have come inhandy I have been entering by phone the 2pound a day entry for years with no luck so I will also be trying my luck with the free entry numbers

  7. JG says:

    Can anyone who is on an EE SIM-Only Monthly Plan confirm if they charge a service charge for calling these numbers?
    Much Appreciated

  8. Jim says:

    Hello Di, do you know if MMAW is carrying on next week at all? There havn’t been any announcements since Sean won £250K yesterday! Or maybe they’ve got some other competition planned?

  9. Jim says:

    Hello Di, I just spotted this on the T&Cs for the Winhappy £100K Bonus competition: “Entries must be sent on a postcard or on or within an envelope. Entries received on anything other than a postcard or envelope will not be valid or accepted” So I guess for Winhappy competitions, you can no longer just use any old piece of cardboard to enter!

    • Di says:

      Thanks Jim – that’s worth knowing as I know a lot of compers like to recycle old bits of cardboard

      • Jim says:

        I’ve just checked the ITV general T&Cs, and they say the same thing! So it looks like old bits of cardboard are no longer accepted anywhere… However, you can buy blank postcards very cheaply on eBay (the cheapest I’ve found are about 8p each).

  10. Thomas says:

    Hi Di Of the 9 numbers you have at the top, I beleive only 2 are now working 4329 and 4536 which have allow a max of 32 calls. The number given on winhappy also does not work.

    • Di says:

      HI Thomas – I checked all these numbers today and they all work just fine, .

      • Jim says:

        Hello Di, sometimes if you call near to the time of the draw, the lines don’t work very well, probably due to too many people calling at the same time..

  11. Jim says:

    Hello Di, just a quick note to say that the current MMAW prize value (for the next day) can also be found on the Winhappy website, and it also displays the prize amount for the Cool FM Downtown Cash Call, and any other Winhappy comps. You can also look up the latest winners! Hope all is well!

  12. Jim says:

    Hello Di, they’ve messed around with the free phone numbers again, & the following numbers have been discontinued:
    0330 880 4572
    0330 880 4563
    0330 880 4583

    The number below is being used for some other competition- possibly Cash Register or Cool FM Downtown Cash Call? I know because although I’ve reached my max entries on MMAW, I can still call in & enter on this number!
    0330 880 4536

    Best wishes & hope all is going well!

    • Di says:

      Thanks Jim – I’ve updated the list! I just heard from a SuperLucky reader who won £52k recently, he had a 3.07pm phone call!

      • Jim says:

        Wow, that’s amazing, what a lucky guy! And the phonecall was at 3:07, as you’ve always said it is.

  13. Paula Skeete says:

    Hi everyone,
    The free entries have now been reduced from 42 to 20.

  14. Jim says:

    Hello Di, the number that you gave above for the Scottish Cash Register competition (0330 880 4523) is now one of the 12 numbers used for Make Me A Winner! I don’t think the Scottish Cash Register comp exists anymore as a separate entity!

    • Di says:

      Thanks for the info Jim – I’ve removed the Scottish info now!

      • Jim says:

        I guess they’ve merged MMAW and Scottish Cash Register into one now? The N. Irish Cool FM Downtown Cash Call still seems to be going strong as a separate competition though.

  15. Jackie Talbot says:

    Hi Di, I can’t see any mention that says if any member of your household has won £500 in the past six months you are not eligible to enter

    Entrants are only able to win a single Prize throughout the duration of this Competition. Also, if an entrant has won £500 or more in any Bauer Media Competition over the past 6 months they are not eligible to win. For more details on this, please see item 4.11 ”Prize Limits” of the Bauer Media Group Competition General Terms & Conditions

    • Di says:

      Jackie, you’re correct – this was changed in Bauer T&Cs in 2023 and although I updated my other blog post, I forgot about this post! I have updated it now. To confirm, as an example, if your husband wins £2,000 on Absolute Radio, he can’t enter any Bauer comps for 6 months, but you’re still OK to do so!

  16. Jim says:

    Hello Di, if you look on the Winhappy website (, you’ll notice that on the menu on the top right hand side, there’s a button labelled “Register.” I was wondering whether it’s necessary to register on the website to be able to win their competitions, like Make Me A Winner, or any of the Bonus competitions? It doesn’t say anything about this on either of the two Facebook groups, and it’s perfectly possible to enter MMAW by calling the free numbers, or sending a text message. So, I was wondering what’s the point of the registration process (if any)?

    • Di says:

      It’s the same registration as offered on the other Bauer sites. It looks like you can save your favourite shows, and update advertising preferences. Brands love to sign people up to receive emails or text messages and getting people to register and tick the opt-in boxes is a great way to do this – they offer a £3.99 month ad-free premium fee so probably email their registered users about this! Registering wouldn’t affect your chance of winning a prize though – they don’t want to put people off taking part by insisting you register.

      • Jim says:

        Ah, thanks, so it’s really just a way to get people to receive adverts? If it’s not necessary for entering competitions or winning them, it’s probably not worth registering then.

  17. Gem says:

    So, not that it is ever likely to happen, but we all live in hope! My given name is unusual and I would prefer to give a more generic nickname should I ever get the call, especially as I am at work at 3pm and don’t want to be sacked for entering competitions! Anyone know of any t&c that this would break if I didn’t give my actual given name if I was ever lucky enough to be called? I see you have to consent to your name being used by Bauer publicity, but there would be far less chance of being identified if you gave a nickname whilst on air.

    • Di says:

      Terms state “By entering the Competition, the entrant is automatically consenting to being called and having their voice, name and location, as well as any other details or information they share about themselves, being announced on-air” – I think you would struggle to get away with a nickname unrelated to the name on your ID, but maybe you could use your middle name instead? Or can you shorten your name to something that sounds more common?

      • Joe says:

        If they phoned me, I would just say on air if asked that my name is J (first letter of my first name).

        Then when they phone you back to confirm your ID and address and question the real name, you can just say that’s what everyone calls you and that’s what you go by at work and in public. I doubt it would be an issue unless it was something completely un-related.

  18. Jim says:

    Hello Di, just so you know, the maximum number of calls for MMAW has been officially changed to 42 now- it’s in the T&Cs now as 42!

    • Di says:

      Thanks Jim – I forgot to update this in the intro, but have done now!

      • Jim says:

        No problem! It seems to be 42 entries most of the time, but last night it was 56. But it still says 42 in the T&Cs..

        • Anne Loughlin says:

          Hi, thanks for all this info!
          Does that mean you can actually call that number above 42 times, or it has to be a mix of different numbers/ texts ?

          • Di says:

            You can redial the same number! It’s currently a max of 20 calls though, it keeps changing!

      • Natalie says:

        It has been changed to 22 entries for this latest comp:

  19. Amanda says:

    Thank you so much for posting this!! Really useful I always hear this competition and was never sure if it was per station or just one big thing, so now I know.

  20. Jim says:

    Hello Di, just to mention that the trick you mention above for adding 2-second pauses by inserting commas, & auto-pressing the confirmation keys also works on an Android phone (not just an iPhone).

  21. Jim says:

    Hello Di, did you notice that they have now added an extra 3 phone numbers to make a total of 12? They are 0330 880 4523, 4536, & 4682. I guess that’s to cope with the increased number of phone entries!

  22. John says:

    Hi, I wanted to ask about ITEM 11: INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AND CONSENT, where it says:

    You agree that we shall have the right to use all the resulting publicity materials in any media and in any manner, we see fit, UNLESS you advise us at the time of entering the Competition that you wish to retain your anonymity.

    Am I correct in assuming this means if someone wins the competition, at the time of emails exchanged they can request their anonymity?

    As I couldn’t find any way of doing so at the time of entering the competition.

    • Di says:

      That’s a good question. The winning call is made and edited around 20 minutes before broadcast so I think at the end of that call is the time to specify that you only want your first name shared and want no publicity. It’s tricky with anything broadcast on air though as your friends would usually recognise your voice!

      • Sydney says:

        When listening to kiss at around 3.35 to 3.40 – they say that they are going to make the call now – as in they talk as if they are about to make the call live whilst we are listening.
        Do you know why they do this?

        • Di says:

          Because it’s more exciting I suppose!!

          • Jim says:

            I’ve also wondered about this, and I’ve come to the conclusion that when the announcer says she’s about to make the call, she really IS about to make the call! I think maybe this message is recorded at 3:07, but broadcast later at 3:45, just to confuse everyone.. It is annoying for people who don’t realise it, and sit by their phones expecting to be called at 3:45.

  23. Sia says:

    Hi Di, are you able to enter via multiple routes, so use the full number of free entries and then paid entries?

    • Di says:

      Yes you can, but I wouldn’t waste your money to be honest , just do the free entries. Text entries are limited to 12 per day, and online entries are limited to 20 a day, and you can then do the 32 phone entries (or more, if it lets you!)

  24. BARBARA ALVIS says:

    I enter Make Me a Winner, but get really annoyed when they increase the maximum rings to ridiculous amounts, so far this evening I have rung the number 91 times (!!!) and still it has not reached the maximum. Considering all the calls that have been unanswered they have saved a fortune and are now making a lot more money out of all of the calls being made to them. They really don’t need to increase the maximum to more than the original 32 calls.

    • Jim says:

      I agree, and it shouldn’t make a difference since the maximum number of entries is the same for everyone. But I guess it’s possible that some people will stop entering sooner, so some people will end up with more entries than others.

  25. Helen says:

    Tried to ring several of the numbers for Make Me a Winner this morning (9.4oam) and just get silence when the phone is answered. Any ideas?

  26. Steve says:

    Does anyone know if it really matters if all entries are made close together or whether the odds are better to do one or two calls here and there? I know all entries are pooled together but wondering how the system it the number itself or does it pick the submission time?

    • Di says:

      It doesn’t make any difference! Every entry regardless of time or method has the same chance of winning, and I imagine it’ s simply assigned a number in a huge spreadsheet!

    • Jim says:

      I don’t think anyone knows that except the people who wrote the software! There was a phase when folks thought that you had a better chance if you entered at the last minute…

  27. Jim says:

    Hello Di, Win Happy have just announced a new competition for £2000. In the T&Cs it says “Winning this Competition does not preclude the winner from being able to win any future Win Happy competitions, this includes Make Me A Winner, The Cool FM Downtown Cash Call and Win £250,000. For more details on Prize Limits, please see item 4.12 ”Prize Limits” of the Bauer Media Group Competition General Terms & Conditions.” Does that mean that winning this competition would not result in a 6-month ban in taking part in any of the other competitions mentioned? Thanks, Jim.

    • Di says:

      That’s right Jim – although you wouldn’t be able to enter the on air or online comps!

      • Jim says:

        But it specifically mentions that MMAW is not affected, so presumably it would be ok to keep entering this competition, even after winning the £2,000?

        • Di says:

          Yes. Sorry, I meant you wouldn’t be able to enter the sponsored (branded) comps on air and online – like the ones sponsored by Tesco, KitKat, BP, etc etc. They’re more than happy for you to continue entering the comps that make them revenue!

          • Jim says:

            Ha ha, yes I suppose they are! But I guess if you’re lucky enough to win MMAW, then you’re grounded for pretty much all of the other Bauer competitions for 6 months, including MMAW?

      • Leon says:

        Hi Di,
        Could you please inform whether it’s only one entry into the competition, per day, or does a single entry cover a specified time period longer than a single day (and if so- how long?)
        Many thanks.

  28. Jim says:

    Hello Di, another question has come up on one of the FB groups… As you know, at the moment in the MMAW competition, the T&Cs say you’re allowed to enter a maximum of 32 times using the free phone numbers. But sometimes, the automated system allows you to enter more times than this- recently, it has sometimes allowed 50 entries, and at the moment it’s allowing 42. So my question is, do you think it’s against the rules to enter more than 32 times, if the system is allowing you to do this? Could you potentially be disqualified for entering more times than specified in the T&Cs, even though the system is allowing you to? Many thanks, Jim.

    • Di says:

      A Lucky Learner emailed Bauer about this and heard back today actually – they replied ‘Sometimes the limit is increased due to offers but the computer will stop you entering more times than is allowed’

      • Jim says:

        Ah, many thanks for clearing this up! I thought that would be the case. So basically, we can just keep entering until the voice tells us we’ve reached the maximum allowed number of entries! Jim.

      • Jim says:

        The phone system went a bit mad last Thursday & Friday for entry into Friday’s competition! It seemed to be allowing different people different numbers of entries! I was able to enter 108 times, but other people got as few as 12, or as many as many as 127! I don’t remember that ever happening before…

  29. Kate says:

    Probably a stupid question but to confirm identity, photo ID and proof of address if you have won do you have to travel to the radio station you have won from to take the proof. I ask this question as I phone up all the numbers and I know some are based in Ireland and I couldn’t travel there at the moment so if you do it’s not worth phoning the numbers you know you couldn’t travel to if you won is it.? Hope my question makes sense.

  30. Abbie Gallagher says:

    I always thought the calls was live 🙁 I have no guarantee but I have the missed call yesterday at 15.07 I was working and was holding off on going on my break 🙁 I am since kicking myself, worse feeling.

    Instant regret.

    • Jim says:

      Who was the call from? If it’s from the competition, it would show up as a private or withheld number.

      • Darren says:

        My call was the same day as you Abbie Gallagher if I missed a call can I enter again or would it not select my number again? . Was a private number on Tuesday the one time I didn’t have my phone on me at 3pm I get a missed call. So annoyed with myself

    • Darren says:

      I also had a call at 15.06 from private number but they only ring 1 person. It’s not live they do the call just after 3 then edit it and play it around half hour later

    • Darren says:

      My call was the same day as you Abbie Gallagher

  31. Cal says:

    If there is a rollover can you have more entries. E.G another 32 phone entries per day it rolls over?

    So 64,96,128 etc or are you capped at that 32 until the prize is won?

    • Jim says:

      Yes, you can enter 32 times (recently also 45 or 35 entries have sometimes been allowed) by phone for free every weekday, regardless of whether there was a winner or not. If there is no winner, your previous entries will also roll over.

  32. Mike says:

    I entered the competition and received a phone call at precisely 2.58pm today from an 07785 number. Because it was before 3pm and not from a withheld number, I didn’t say the magic words and just answered with “Hello”. A computer auto generated response immediately said “Goodbye” and the line went dead. I immediately regretted not saying “Make me a winner” and have been fretting about it ever since. I’ve tried to search for the phone number on “Who called me” and nothing has come up, so it doesn’t look like it was a scam number. I tried phoning the number back and it said “The number you have called is not recognised”. I then started to panic, thinking that it was indeed the Bauer Group and they were using a redirection service which appeared as an unused number, to save losers the disappointment when trying to phone that number back.

    Please could you put me out of my misery and confirm that they definitely would not call before 3pm (even if it was just two minutes beforehand)?! Logic tells me that they would be breaking all sorts of competition regulations if they did, but it seemed so coincidental that a call came in around that time and then the auto generated response kicked in.

    • Cal says:

      Hi mike there are comments below advising they will always call from a withheld number. This answer from DI on the 25th July.

      Having had those calls before I reckon that is a scam call you had

      25/07/2023 at 4:38 pm
      Yes, it’s always witheld or private. This is for a couple of reasons – the number could be shared and people would know they had to answer with ‘Make me a winner’ or know the correct cash amount, ruining the element of surprise. Secondly, if it was shown as a missed call, it would be a nightmare for the radio station having to deal with people calling back, devastated that they had not answered – this could result in some serious mental health issues for a person who realises they had lost out on £100,000 or more. It’s much safer that they don’t know they missed out!

  33. Jim says:

    PS the deadline for receipt of postal entries for the Big Bank £100K Bonus competition is Wednesday 8 November at 6:00pm!

  34. Jim says:

    Hello Di, did you know you can enter the Big Bang £100,000 Bonus competition by post? The address is BONUS BR0511, PO Box 8162, Derby, DE1 9GU. Kind regards, Jim.

    • Di says:

      Thanks Jim – that’s probably worth the cost of a stamp!

      • Jim says:

        I guess, like the MMAW & Cash Register competitions, the odds of winning the Bous comp are quite small. But, as you say, worth entering for the cost of a 75p stamp!

      • Jim says:

        Di, do you know when the draw for the £100K Big Bang comp is likely to be? I know the competition closes for entry by post on Wednesday 8th at 6pm, but when do you think they might call the winner? And when will they announce this? Jim.

        • Di says:

          They never mention when notification will be in the T&Cs for the big cash prize draws, but I would assume it’s within 2 days of the postal closing date because they will want to announce it on air ASAP.

          • Jim says:

            Ah, ok, but do you know if you have to pick up the phone when it rings, or do you think they would leave a message? If the winner doesn’t know when to expect the call, they might miss it for any number of reasons!

          • Di says:

            I would assume they call several times as there’s no urgency – but it would be good to find out! I’ll drop Bauer an email to ask.

            Update – they have responded: “We have to wait 3 working days for all postal entries to be counted for. We then conduct the draw the day after this has occurred. If a winner doesn’t answer we will continue to try and contact them up to 14 days of the draw date.” – I assume this means they will ring until you answer, and they won’t leave a voicemail!

          • Jim says:

            Ah, it’s a shame they don’t leave a voicemail or send a text, with a message to get back to them! I can see a scenario where you could miss several calls from them! Do you know if the call is from a wtthheld or private number?

  35. Jim says:

    Good morning Di, just wondering, if you got the call, but were unlucky enough not to win (eg because you said ‘hello’, or your phone went to voicemail etc), can you still take part & do your entries roll over to the next round? Also, I’m guessing that if you don’t actually win a prize, you wouldn’t be banned for 6 months, so you could carry on taking part straight away?

    • Di says:

      You only get a ban if you win a prize. It would be fine to continue entering, but I’m not sure if your existing ntries would roll over. I can’t see any reason why they wouldn’t though!

      • Jim says:

        I think all entries roll over automatically unless someone wins? So if you don’t actually win, even though you have been selected, no-one wins & they should all roll over…

  36. Jim says:

    Hi again Di, I recently saw a post about making two simultaneous free calls on an iPhone or Android phone to save time when entering. Do you think this is allowed? Looking at the general Bauer terms & conditions, I came across No. 4.9, which states that “4.9 Automated Entry: The use of any automated entry software or any other mechanical or electronic means that permits any person to enter any Competition repeatedly is prohibited.” I wonder if this would include making two calls at the same time?

    • Di says:

      Making two calls and putting one on hold is done manually, so it would be fine!

      • Jim says:

        Ah, great & thanks for your reply! So I guess including pauses (commas) & 1s to advance the call past the preamble & to enter the number as read back is also not a problem then…

      • Jim says:

        Hi Di, I think the person meant calling the competition line twice at the same time! I’m not sure if both calls come from the same number. Of course, if they come from different numbers, that wouldn’t be allowed…

  37. Jim says:

    Hello Di, regarding the £80K Bonus competition which finishes tonight (Sunday 1st) & on Wednesday 4th for postal entries, do you know if it’s ok to enter on multiple formats, eg SMS & a postal entry? Also, I wonder when they will call the winner? I guess they will need some time to enter all the postal entries into their database (assuming that’s what they do)?

    • Di says:

      As long as you don’t exceed the entry limits for each method it’s fine to use multiple – although please watch your budget as there’s no real ‘free’ entry for these. As you say, they need to allow extra time for postal entries to be processed so I’m not sure when they make the calls!

      • Jim says:

        Actually, at least one of the Bonus competitions has had a free entry method in the past, via one of the 0330 numbers, like the one on the 1st of September. But as you say, not this one! So the cheapest entry method seems to be the postal one, at 75p for a stamp…

      • Jim says:

        PS I couldn’t see any maximum number of submissions for postal entries in the T&Cs. Do you know if there IS a maximum number of postal entries?

  38. Bea says:

    HI Di,
    The list of numbers on your website to enter the competition, can you enter your entries on all of the numbers more than once or is it best stick to one number?

    • Di says:

      It makes no difference, all entries will end up on the same database!

      • Eleisha says:

        Hi I have called and entered the competition today on numerous calls hopefully bit of luck to win would make me happy due to a wedding to pay for and honeymoon to plan this prize wouldn’t go a miss.

  39. Sabra Ali says:

    Hello , i enter make me a winner every week day, today at 2:30 i got a call on a No caller ID and i said hello and the phone just cut off. Is their a trick that they don’t actually call people after 3 pm and that they call the winner even at 2:30 pm is that possible?

  40. Jim says:

    Hello Di, what do you suppose the odds are of getting your number called in the MMAW competition every day? There must be an awful lot of entries, seeing as so many radio stations participate in this competition!

  41. Shane Locke says:

    Hi can I still enter if I’m abroad on holiday

    • Di says:

      I can’t see anything in the T&Cs to stop you doing this – the only stipulation is that you enter with a UK mobile number.

    • Jim says:

      Hi Steve, you can enter, but your phonecalls may cost more from abroad.

  42. jess says:

    hey Di ! Currently on 244 entries to make me a winner since reading your blog on free entries, would love t be on your fb group but i dont have social media so i am their in spirit 🙂
    thanks for your blogs they are so valuable good luck everyone ❤️

  43. Holly says:

    What happens if you don’t have any photo ID. I don’t have a passport or driving licence so can only produce proof of address.

  44. Jim says:

    Hi Di, just wondering, what do you think they say to MMAW entrants who answer “hello” or similar? I wonder if they leave a message if it goes to voicemail? I guess they must have a very apologetic message for them… Do you think they get a consolation prize?

    • Di says:

      I doubt they have any further contact with those that answer HELLO! apart from a short commisseratory message before hanging up! And they definitely don’t leave a message if it goes to voicemail, because promoters have to avoid disappointing participants (CAP Code) – it would be cruel to leave a message to say ‘sorry, you missed out on £100,000’ and could really affect that person badly.

  45. Jim says:

    Here’s an interesting one for you, Di… Yesterday, the competition was won by someone living on a house boat! Bearing in mind that the winner has to provide proof of address, would this win be valid? I’m guessing they wouldn’t announce the win on air if it wasn’t.

    • Di says:

      I know that some houseboat residents are eligible to pay council tax, and they give the address of their mooring if they’re permanently there!

    • ABW says:

      I’m with EE & have unlimited inclusive minutes. I have been charged an access charge for each call made to anyone of these numbers. Ee web site said 03 numbers are included in my plan yet theyve charged me 🙁 lesson learned.

      • Jim says:

        That’s really strange, ABW! I’m also with EE, PAYG, and I have a monthly package with unlimited minutes & texts, and I don’t get charged at all for these calls! Maybe try to speak to EE?

  46. Mark says:

    I reckon that a lot of the people answering saying hello (or whatever) expect that the call is made at 3.35ish live on air and not recorded earlier at 3.07.

    • Jim says:

      Yes, especially when the presenters say things like “We’re just about to make the call” at 3:30! It’s a bit misleading… In fairness, when they say this, they probably ARE just about to make the call- but it’s recorded at the time & played back later.

  47. Jim says:

    Apparently, MMAW is starting again tomorrow (Monday 4th September) with a £50,000 prize! Not sure what time the lines open, or how many free entries we are allowed…

    • Di says:

      Free entries are now down to 32 maximum a day rather than 42! Everything else in T&Cs looks to be the same.

      • Jim says:

        Here’s a tip for anyone wanting to dial the entries more quickly. If you enter one or more commas into the number sequence, your phone pauses for 2 seconds for each one & then starts dialling again. So, if you enter the number as follows, your phone will do all the key presses automatically for you! This one works quite well: 0330 880 4541,11,,,,,,,,1 The first two 1s are there to skip through the unwanted bits of the message. The 8 commas pause dialling for 16 seconds, and the final 1 enters your number after the voice has read it back to you. Each dialled entry takes about 30 seconds, then you hang up & dial again…

      • Jim says:

        They seem to be varying the number of entries allowed quite a bit at the moment, especially on Fridays! At the moment, they’re allowing 42, and sometimes even over 100! Sometimes it even varies during the day..

    • Paul says:

      I received a call today at 15:19 from a Leeds number. I answered hello and the person just hung up. I honestly didn’t realise the calls happen around 30 mins before it airs until I came across this info page today! It got me worried, so I tried to call the number back and it was met with a message saying “this phone number cannot take calls at this time”. I listened to the airing and obviously a lady won today, but I still can’t help wondering if perhaps they decided to call again because of all the rollovers recently? Hopefully not!

      • Di says:

        Bauer will always hide the number when calling. Just a tip too – search Google for any suspicious missed calls, you’ll usually find them on a ‘Who called me’ site which tells you what they are! I have a lot of scammers calling me with 0113 and 0116 numbers.

  48. Jim says:

    Hello, regarding the big £250,000 prize draw which closes today 1st September at 5pm, do you know if they contact the winner by phone just after 5pm?

    • Di says:

      It will usually tell you in terms & conditions, but for the non-daily draws I don’t think they usually do it as soon as it closes.

  49. Xana says:

    I am really sorry for causing trouble, is that cash register free to enter? I am sure it was, but I cam only find the paid entities now, i will be forever grateful if someone can please guide me, or has the free entries finished?

    • Jim says:

      The method of entering for free has changed. It used to be an online form, but now you have to call a phone number & follow the instructions it gives you. There are 9 phone numbers, one of them being 0330 880 4541. This will be free if you have unlimited minutes in your package. For the Bonus competition, you can enter up to 176 times, which will take a little while! You can skip through the preamble by pressing ‘1’ a couple of times. Finally, when it reads your phone number back to you, press ‘1’ to enter it. Have a look at Di’s article above, she gives a list of all 9 phone numbers.

    • Di says:

      Cash Register is not on air at the moment Xana, but as Jim has explained, free online entries have been replaced by free phone calls (if you have a suitable contract!).

      • Jim says:

        Do you think the radio station makes any money from these ‘free’ phone numbers, if the caller hasn’t got unlimited minutes?

  50. Natalie says:

    I says you can enter 42 times by phone but if the amount is rolled over and the entries are rolled over is that 42 entries from the previous day the maximum or can you enter another 42 times if you wanted too

    • Jim says:

      You can enter another 42 times if you want to, & your entries will be added to the previous day’s rolled-over entries.

  51. Jim says:

    Another question- do you know anything about the Bonus competitions held by Bauer Media about once a month? This month, it’s worth £70,000, and the usual method of entry is by text (costing £2 plus SNR), although in the past there have also been free phone entries for some of them. This usually ends at 5 or 6pm on a particular day, but they never seem to give any details as to when the winner will be notified, even in the T&Cs…

    • Di says:

      I think it’s the postal entry method that makes it difficult for these draws – with MMAW it’s easy as all phone, text and online entries end at 3pm so they can easily choose a winner then. WIth postal entries, they need to be input onto the system and added to the database of phone and online entries which could take days. However, I would still expect to see something along the lines of ‘The draw will be conducted within 7 days of the closing date’ in the terms. It does say that if a winner can’t be contacted for 14 days after the draw, another winner would be chosen – but that’s about all the info we get!

      • Jim says:

        It’s pretty vague, isn’t it? So I assume that they will keep trying to phone the winner (or writing to them?) for 14 days after the competition closes…

  52. Jim says:

    Hello Di, a question has arisen on the Cash Register Amount – Fanclub, which is a FB group (confusingly, dedicated to the MMAW competition at the moment!). Someone said that if a member of a household wins a prize of £500 or above on a Bauer Media competition, the entire household (ie everyone at that address) is banned from taking part in further BM competitions for 6 months. I thought the ban only applied to the winner. Do you know which one is correct?

  53. Lauren says:

    I’ve noticed a lot of the winners seem to be first time entrants. Seems too often to be coincidence! I wonder on average how long the winners have been entering for?

  54. Annie says:

    So, I entered on Friday and it rolled over. Today I have an exam at 2pm and no phones allowed obvs. Am I ok to set up call forwarding to my husbands phone? It would be so typical for me to win on the day I can’t answer. My phone is on a contract in my name – from another comment it would appear that the organisers don’t check who the phone is registered to. I pay both our mobile bills from our joint account anyway!!

    • Di says:

      When you call a number and it’s forwarded, there’s a message on the line to say it’s being forwarded. I would assume they immediately hang up if they hear this, as it means they won’t be speaking to the person who entered.

      • Annie says:

        Ah, I didn’t realise it said the call was being forwarded. Oh well, if they just hung up at least I wouldn’t have known anything about it. It’s the thought of having a missed call on your call log and realising you’d chucked the prize away. Handing the phone over to my husband wasn’t really an option Jim as I had to travel a fair distance to the exam and needed a phone on me. Anyway, unsurprisingly I didn’t win so all rather irrelevant! These rollovers make matters a lot harder when life gets in the way of taking a call. Thanks for replying.

    • Jim says:

      Could you maybe hand your phone over to your husband while you’re in your exam, and tell him what to do if he receives the call? I take it that since you were happy to forward the call to his phone, there wouldn’t be any problems with him taking the call on your behalf…

  55. Elle says:

    I have entered every single day, since it originally started. I just think I must be the most unluckiest person in the world 🙁 Hopefully one day I will win and then I can help my family. What are the chances of winning 1billion to 1.

  56. Lozza says:

    Does anyone know what the odds are of winning something like this? I feel like entering 42 times gives a good go at it, but do millions of people enter I wonder?

  57. Carol Maley says:

    Listen every day love Greatest hits, but I do Listen to all the other radio stations, would love to win , for my family what a lovely surprise that would be I would have a lovely holiday, with my hard working family good luck everyone got to be in it to win it

  58. Jim says:

    Steven wins £101,000 today, with £102,000 on offer tomorrow! Now that most of the competitions seem to be on a guaranteed win basis (where they keep calling a different number till someone wins), after all those rollovers, people are now answering correctly on the first attempt :-))

  59. Lauren says:

    When they say it will be a guaranteed winner that day, do they just call until someone answers with the correct phrase?

  60. Carol says:

    Hi, I am a VOXI contract phone user. Can I enter the MMAW competition?

    • Di says:

      You’ll be able to enter it regardless of which network you’re on Carol, and if you’re on a contract the phone calls should be included as part of your free calls allowance – but it’w worth checking before you make multiple calls!

  61. Jim says:

    Well, Lydia won £100,000 today on the first attempt! The competition is carrying on next week, with £101,000 to be won on Monday…

  62. Nicola Valentine says:

    If I live in Wales and listen to free radio West midlands can I still Win Make me a winner?

    • Jim says:

      Yes, I think so, since it’s open to all UK residents.

    • Di says:

      Anyone who lives in the UK who’s over 18 can win. You don’t even need to listen to the radio!

      • Regina says:

        Does it matter which 0330 number you call ? Whether it’s’ magic or main number or hits etc? As long as the culminative total is not more than 42 times a day across all the stations? Is that right?

        • Jim says:

          That’s right, it doesn’t matter which one you call. I think each phone number is associated with one or more stations, so they can gather information on how many people are listening to each station & where they are listening from.

  63. Jim says:

    Finally, an end to the rollovers & a winner today as Ryan wins £98,000! Tomorrow’s prize is £99,000….

  64. Will says:

    Hi Di,

    Many thanks for the great blog! To clarify, will the call *always* come from a withheld number – in other words, if a call comes in around the right time, but is from an unknown but visible number, are you safe to answer it normally? I’ve had a few embarrassing instances of saying ‘Make me a winner’ to random people! So it would be great to avoid this if possible – but if there’s any doubt, then I’ll risk embarrassing myself vs. missing out on the prize if I’m lucky enough to be picked!

  65. Jim says:

    Can people living in England enter the Scottish Cash register competition? i have tried ringing the free entry number (0330 880 4523) and I can get through to the automated service and enter alright, but the thing is, I read somewhere that people in England & Wales aren’t eligible to enter, so would my entry be valid?

  66. Jim says:

    Incredibly, we’ve just had the 10th rollover yesterday, where people have either said ‘hello’, have not answered the phone, or have let it go to voicemail! What’s going on? Will someone answer the phone tonight at just after 3pm?

    • Matthew king says:

      I am always by my phone but never win anything ever I could help my friends and family and even learn to drive so that my family can actually have a holiday rather than staying at home makes me upset hearing them asking for a holiday

      • Jim says:

        I know, it doesn’t seem fair that serious compers spend ages preparing to win, then someone comes along & says hello, or answers & doesn’t even say anything!

  67. Dick Godley says:

    Do you think that the organiser(s) have the technical ability to not call anyone who has multiple entries on the ‘free’ number? If it was the case it would save folks like me a lot of time!

    • Jim says:

      I guess they could do that, but a lot of people who entered for free have won, so they probably don’t. Besides, that would be against the rules.

  68. Ancholyf says:

    Hey amigos! wishing everyone luck and hope we can win this! Do you know if anyone calling these numbers has won before?

    • Jim says:

      Yes, I belong to a FB group called ‘Cash Register Amount – Fanclub’, and several members have won using only the free numbers to enter. Good luck!

  69. Jim says:

    Another thing which occurred to me- if you’re lucky enough to win, in addition to photo-ID & proof of address, do you need to prove the phone number is registered to you? I was thinking this might be difficult with a PAYG phone, as they never send out any correspondence by post. You could probably print out the page on the phone provider’s app which has your name & address if need be…

    • Di says:

      There’s nothing at all in T&Cs that mentions this Jim and I’ve never heard of anyone having to prove it’s their phone number – as you say, many people have SIMs without their name registered to it. The only proof they usually need is that the name you gave on air matches the name on your ID. In the past, winners have also had to do a voice match test to check that the voice on air matches the voice of the named entrant!

      • Jim says:

        Ah, that’s good, as it could cause problems for example if someone normally uses their partner’s phone. So really, the only thing is that the person who answers should be able to prove who they are with photo-ID.

  70. Jim says:

    Today’s caller really took the cake! She entered just 8 minutes before the lines closed. Then when her phone rang just a few minutes later, she answered “hello!” How can you forget you entered a competition in just 15 minutes??

  71. Jim says:

    What’s going on with all these rollovers at the moment? We’re once again into a sextuple rollover, since no-one has won since last Monday! Are people just forgetting that they are still in the competition due to rollovers, thinking that because they havn’t entered today they aren’t in it?

    • Di says:

      I think that’s exactly it JIm – when you enter on the day, you’re likely to remember about the 3pm phone call. But once there’s been a rollover that probably throws a lot of people off – they maybe entered on Friday, forgot about the comp over the weekend and wouldn’t expect a call on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, days after they entered!!

  72. Jim says:

    Just wondering, when did these radio competitions first start? I’m pretty sure I remember a similar competition back in about 2005-2006, I think it was on Magic FM. Does this sound about right? Or do they go back even further than that?

  73. James McDougal says:

    It’s useful to learn that if the prize is not won on a particular day, then entries for that day remain valid on the next day. I couldn’t establish this for sure from the terms and conditions, and assumed that, although the prize rolls over, the entries didn’t, and that’s how the company could make its money.

  74. Jim says:

    Why do so many people not answer the phone on time, or say “Hello”, or say nothing at all when they answer? Surely, if they have gone to the trouble of entering the competition, they should be ready for the phonecall at around 3-3:15 pm?

    • Di says:

      You would think so wouldn’t you? I can understand people panicking and getting the Cash register amount wrong – but if the phone rings at 3.07 then there’s no excuse not answering with Make Me A Winner (especially if you’ve actually paid for the entries!!!)

      • Jim says:

        I suppose the person may be in a meeting, or driving, or temporarily distracted by something, they may not be able to answer. But not saying anything, that does seem strange. If they say “Hello”, it could be someone else answering the phone who doesn’t know about the competition, or that they think the call is at a different time..

        • Jim says:

          Another thing someone pointed out- some people may be entered without realiseing it due to rolled-over entries. Because they havn’t actively entered on that particular day, they may not even realise they are in the competition!

      • Jim says:

        Wow, we’ve just had the 6th no-win in a row, with the person not answering the phone! Why don’t they keep phoning until someone answers?

    • Jim says:

      Actually, it does say in part 5 of the Ts & Cs that all entries roll over: “All entries from the completed Draw, and any previous Draws, where no winner was declared, will automatically be eligible for the next Draw. Entrants do not need to enter again in order to be eligible but are able to do so if they would like to increase their chances.”

  75. Kate says:

    I know this is probably a stupid question but if you have entered by phone a maximum of 42 times and it’s a rollover does that mean you can’t enter again the next day 42 times cause it’s not been won. That can go on for a few days so say if I entered Monday 42 times by phone and no one answered for 4 days do my 42 phone calls get carried through each day . Thanks

    • Jim says:

      Yes, the system allows you to enter for free 42 times each day, regardless of whether the competition has been won or not. I assume the entries add up, so you would have 126 entries after this double rollover…

  76. SHÂN WHITE says:


    • Jim says:

      Be careful though, make sure your package includes unlimited minutes, otherwise you will be billed for all these calls!

  77. Make me a winner

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